Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 319

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The nurse called out again, "Are the type AB blood donors here? The patient is in critical condition..."

There was a crowd right outside the operation room, but none of them were coming for some reason.

"Aunt Nancy, this can wait.Let's help Zoe for now," John urged.

"Don't you dare help her!" Nancy bellowed bluntly.

Never had she been deceived so thoroughly in her entire life! It turned out that she had raised
someone else's daughter for over twenty years, and to add insult to injury, it was her own husband's
mistress! All while her own daughter had to live somewhere out there, suffering! The thought that Zoe
enjoyed all the nice things in life and how Nancy herself cared for her every need...She felt disgusted
as if she had just swallowed a cockroach.

"Please, Ms.Levine."

Clara suddenly dropped to her knees in front of Nancy, sobbing.

"Please, you have to save Zoe.It's all my fault— take it out on me if you want! I was just bewitched
back then, and my stubbornness led to this...Zoe is innocent.She has nothing to do with this! Please,
you have to save her..."


Nancy kicked Clara right then, knocking her to the floor as she spat, "She's innocent?! Then what about
my daughter?! Why should she have to suffer with you?! She was working as someone else's stunt
double! If she was actually killed, that means I'd only get to meet her again when she's dead!"

The more Nancy ranted, the more agitated became.

Her whole face was now a frightening scarlet as she wanted nothing less to strangle the woman before
her and cut the woman into pieces! How dare Clarz do this to her?! To deceive her to such an extent?!
Still, seeing that Nancy was being stubborn, Clara quickly got off the floor and started pleading with
Ivan instead.

"Please, you have to help Zoe.Whatever happens, she's your daughter.You have to save her..."

Ivan only surveyed her with loathing.

Since Nancy was born to the Levines, she was accustomed to being superior, whereas Ivan had been
born to an average family and lucked out by marrying Nancy.

If they ever argued, she would simply threaten him with her family's influence.

It had gotten too much for him during one such argument, and he was also drunk That in turn led to a
fumble with one of the younger servants in the house—Clara.He was certainly remorseful the next day
—in spite of everything, he and Nancy really loved each other.

But the damage was already done, and his only choice was to pay off Clara.

Even so, she refused to take a cent, insisting that she could not find a better job than the one she had.

She also promised not to trouble him, and though she had been earnest, Ivan was still worried that she
would talk in her desperation.

When that happened, he would lose a lot more.

As such, it was a shock that both Nancy and Clara were found pregnant almost at the same time.

Worried that Clara's child was his, he continued to reason with her to leave, but she told him that it was
not, claiming that she had a husband in her hometown.

And yet, when Ivan saw the resemblance between Clara's baby and himself, he knew he could not
trust her at that point.

Quietly gathering a huge amount of money, he forced Clara to leave...

but never did he think that Clara would do something so bold! The babies were born just a few days
apart from each other, but Nancy and Clara delivered in different hospitals.

Only Ivan himself knew how much the children resembled him, that they could be swapped and no one
would know! Moreover, Clara lactated well whereas Nancy's supply tanked.

Clara therefore worked as Cora's wet nurse for a while...

Why could he not be a little more careful back then?! Back in the present, Nancy was laughing coldly
and scoffing.

"You're begging him? What do you think he amounts to in my house?! A dog—that's what! Everything
he has is given to him by me! If I refuse, he'd have nothing!"

Ivan was certainly humiliated by Nancy's derision.

Even John could tell that his aunt had completely lost control, but it was understandable.

Was there anyone who could accept that they raised another person's child for some bizarre reason?
And it had to be the child of their husband's mistress at that! All while her own child was out there
suffering! Even so...

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