Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 324

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So this was what it felt like to fall from heaven to hell...

And Zoe thought that this stuff only happened in TV dramas.But for some bizarre reason, it happened
to her.

"Zoe..." Jay said.

"Leave," she said, finally turning toward him then and finding him looking so worried.

"The Levines would be upset if you stayed here. My mom..."

Zoe paused for a moment then to correct herself, "I mean, Ms.Levine is an individual who makes her
feelings very clear.If she hates someone, she couldn't care less about anything and would destroy
anything and everyone around them.Stay with me and you'll become an eyesore."

"Even if John will inherit the family estate, their favoritism isn't that obvious.You should also know that
since Alan Levine spoiled her ever since she was a child, he would never allow her to be given grief."
Zoe was already changing the way she addressed the same people as she worked hard to stay strong
and accept everything in the present.

Jay watched her silent.She was just 25, but after a lifetime of being spoiled, she seemed to mature in
an instant.

But it hurt to see such sudden growth.

The door then opened again, and Zoe turned to find a woman whom she could not recognize.

She rushed to Zoe's side, throwing herself on Zoe's lap as she cried, "I'm sorry, Zoe...I'm so sorry!"

Zoe blinked, understanding right then who she was.

At the same time, she became agitated.

She really did not want to see that woman.

Why? Why was her life switched with such malice? She would rather not have anything or be hated by
the ones she loved so early.

"I-I was too upset to think straight...Both of you are Ivan's children, so why does Nancy Levine's child
get to enjoy a better life?!"

Clara sobbed, falling apart as she did.

"That was why I switched you with Cora in a moment of impulse, since you two look so alike and both
of you were just babies..."

It was too late to regret —in fact, she had regretted sometime after she made the switch and tried to
switch Zoe back.She just did not have the chance.

Even so...

"I don't need your explanation, and I don't want to see you!"

Zoe bellowed with every bit of strength she had at the woman."Whatever your reasons were, you were
nothing to me the day you abandoned me.Get out!"


"Get out! I don't want to see you at all! You abandoned me back then—you shouldn't have come back
to me, ever! I won't ever forgive you!"

Zoe shrieked, all her emotions bursting forth right then.

It was all because of this woman! If not for her, she would not have suffered such a tragedy! Even so,
Clara tried to continue.

‘Zoe, I'm actually —"

Suddenly Jay walked up to her and said quietly, "Zoe cannot accept the truth right now.It's best if you
don't show up around her."

Clara dropped to the floor and kept sobbing, but Jay helped her to her feet and persuaded her to leave.

Knowing that Zoe would never accept her, Clara had to bear with the pain and leave...Once he saw
that she was gone, Jay returned to Zoe's ward.

"Why did you come back?" Zoe asked, having calmed down and was staring at him.

"You always gave me the cold shoulder when I was still an heiress of the Levines.But now, I'm not...So
what reason have you to stay? To laugh at me? Don't worry, I won't sue for that accident.I have nothing
now, so I won't have what it takes."

"Zoe, I rejected you because—"

Thud! An ashtray landed squarely on Jay's forehead with a dull thud, and a trail of blood flowed freely
down from a small gash, dyeing red the corner of his eyes.

"That's a debt repaid.There's nothing between us now," Zoe said loudly and clearly.

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