Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 326

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Seeing that Jay's cut on the forehead had been bandaged then, John said, "I'm going now.There's still
plenty to do for Cordy's trial, so I can't divide that much attention here.Either way, I'll respect whatever
your decision may be."

"Johnny," Jay said somberly, "Thank you."

John clapped him on the shoulder.

"We're family, no?"

Jay felt touched—John never said much, but he knew everything and would even offer comfort.

Those who did not know him well would never be able to tell that he offered warmth despite his might.

As John left the hospital in his car, he stared outside the window and heaved a heavy sigh.He suddenly
remembered how Zoe would always follow him around when they were children, calling his name.

And that same brat grew to become an adult...His phone suddenly started to ring, and he answered it.

"Mr.Levine? We've found multiple outbound transfers from the personal account of Helen Zalenski."

"Send it to me."

"Yes, sir."

John's eyes narrowed.

In the end, his priority now was to deal with Cordy's trial.

One he read through the bank records, he called Cordy.

"I've found something."

"What is it?" Cordy asked—she had been staying home to research her own trial, combing for any
things her opponent missed.

"I'll come over to discuss it." John said just then.


Cordy agreed to it immediately before remembering something else.

"Zoe's phone is turned off.what event Is it that she had to turn it off?"

For some reason, the house felt much emptier without Zoe around.

“I'll tell you later." John said nonetheless.

Cordy had this feeling that he was hiding something from her.

Zoe never answered her calls last night, and John called her later saying that Zoe would not make it
back because of an event.

She did not dwell on it since things got busy in showbiz and wire stunts were commonplace.

But when Zoe turned her phone off directly today, she suddenly felt uneasy.

In under half an hour, John entered her apartment and showed her the ledgers of Helen Zalenski's
bank records that he obtained.

"She transferred to this account multiple times, and each sum was considerable," he explained.

"I had my people investigate it, and it turns out to belong to an illegal gambling ring—it was likely that
Helen Lad been gambling and owed a huge debt.I'm sure you also know how cutthroat those people
get, what with debtors often losing limbs for it, or even their lives. That's why there's a good chance she
made that phenyl account to incriminate you to pay for her debts."

Cordy nodded in agreement.

"We have her motive, but the key point now is where the money's coming from.Have you found the

"It was wired in from different accounts, none of which can be traced back to Noel," John admitted.

"But I'll look into each account holder. There would definitely be some sort of clue."

"But we don't have much time," Cordy said, because time was a serious issue despite her faith in
John's abilities.

"I'll do my best," John promised.

Cordy did not press him at that point and returned to structuring her defense.

"I just remembered today that Quinn mentioned that on the day that phony account was made, the
cameras at the bank broke down.But although it doesn't prove that I wasn't there personally, I could
actually just prove that I was not at the bank that day." John blinked, his gaze obviously praiseful.

Cordy was really smart.

John himself had planned to revolve his entire investigation around Helen and actually ignored that

"I did my best to remember,"

Cordy continued, "but I had been working the whole day at Startstream Group at the time and headed
straight home after leaving work.I've asked Vince to discreetly extract the footage and save it for me.It
would probably work as court evidence."

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