Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 331

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Zoe silently and somberly walked down the stairs.

So that was how it felt to be scorned by a loved one.She was actually worried that she would break
down for a moment.

But halfway down the stairs, a figure suddenly appeared at her side.She did not turn to find out who it
was, but she could hear Jay's deep voice.

"Let me see you out." His voice was quiet, as if afraid he would scare her.

"No," she said flatly—he was the person she needed the least now.

"Zoe..." he murmured nonetheless.


Nancy called out to him icily from the top of the stairs, and the hand Jay extended to Zoe stiffened.

Seeing that, Zoe laughed coldly.

Fortunately, she never held out any expectations for him, just like how he left without returning while
she was at the hospital since the day she chased her out. He would never disappoint her—not when
she expected nothing from him.

"Don't forget the reason you're allowed to stay here," Nancy continued to warn Jay just then.

Zoe did not even turn to look at Jay's reaction and flatly said, "Worry about yourself, Jay Parker.Don't
overestimate yourself when you're not that capable."

Jay's fingers clenched.Zoe slowly left.She felt so weary she might depart from the world just then.She
smiled as she left Levine Manor, finding herself somewhat formidable just then.

To think that she could leave so steadily under those circumstances without fainting.

But eventually, her body could no longer take it, and she fell over the wet pavement.

‘Still" she thought, 'I must be far enough from Levine Manor now"

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