Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 329

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Suddenly it started to drizzle, with tiny droplets quickly pelting Zoe's body.

When she was discharged, the doctor told her that she was still physically weak—she must take care
of her body and not expose herself to the cold or get involved with any strenuous activities.

In fact, the best option was to stay home for a month before resuming work.She ignored all that, feeling
right then that her life was pointless, let alone anything else.She trudged along the streets, and for
some miraculous reason, no one recognized a top star like her even as she walked along the streets
without a disguise.

In fact, any eyes that lingered on her would think she was some sort of nutjob.

Who else would walk so slowly under the rain, not running for cover and not caring at all that she was
getting drenched to the bone? She eventually stopped before a billboard, where workers were taking
down her poster.

It was raining, but they were working as if they could not afford to wait.

She watched as the billboard taken off was thrown unceremoniously into a truck, as if the workers did
not care that it was broken as they got in as well and drove off.

There were no more photos of her in the entire city, as if she suddenly disappeared and was nowhere
to be found.

The skies gradually turned dark.

Zoe had arrived outside the gates of Levine Manor, staring at that familiar building and laughing dryly.

What was she doing here? She was supposed to be strolling aimlessly without a destination, since she
had no place to go.

But for some reason, she returned to this place.

Even so, she still would not dare to enter.So that was what others meant with the phrase 'so close yet
so far'.But she was really tired—spent, even.She simply crouched over the damp ground, watching the
skies as the drizzle continued to pour cheerfully over the streetlights.

She had no idea how long had passed, and the skies were becoming even darker… until she saw an
umbrella being held above her, and she saw Lawrence White. He said evenly, "Master Levine was
looking for you. Come in."

Zoe did not dare to hold any expectations.

All she did was gingerly follow the butler.

The manor remained grand, huge and elegant as always, but she no longer belonged there.

As she entered Alan's study, her whole body was shaking from the cold since she was drenched from
head to toe.

"Bring Ms. York a towel," Alan told Lawrence.

It seemed to be a show of concern, but Zoe's heart broke.It felt so strange to be addressed as 'Ms.
York' now.

Nonetheless, Lawrence handed Zoe a towel and said kindly, "Please wrap it around yourself, Ms. York.
Don't catch a cold so soon after you've just recovered."

Zoe ultimately took it and wrapped it tightly around herself —she seemed to feel warmth for a split
second, but it also felt like she imagined it.

"I'm sure you understand your situation very well now—you're not one of us."

Alan went straight to the point, his tone a little cool.

"Therefore, you have no right to come here ever again."

Zoe's tears welled in her eyes.She thought that she had accepted the fact after taking a week to let that
sink in.

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