Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 334

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Zoe's voice was very quiet.

"But I can't come back."

"Who told you that?!" Quinn snapped.

"You've lost the Levines, but you never lost us—or are we dead to you?! You're not a Levine now, but
so what? Is the world ending because of that?!"

Zoe's eyes welled with tears.She did not want to turn on her phone, let alone contact Cordy or Quinn,
as she did not want to trouble them.

Cordy had a trial coming up, and things were complicated between her and John.

There were people who were after her as well, and if she had to fight the Levines for Zoe's sake, she
would only get uncomfortable.

Zoe did not want to deny Cordy happiness any further too.She actually could see very clearly that John
and Cordy were really in love with each other.

There was just so much between them that they could not tell each other that, and the path ahead was
exceedingly trying so that Cordy could scarcely get distracted for Zoe's sake.

As for Quinn, her family ties were quite complicated too.

Moreover, the Saunders and Levines were longtime friends, and Sam's mother was Nancy Levine's
best friend, meeting every other day each week.

Though the Saunders really loved Quinn, even showing her favoritism despite being just a daughter-in-
law, Zoe's status as a pariah would still make things difficult for Quinn.

And she did not want them to go through such trouble for them.It was already enough that she alone
had to suffer this misfortune —she did not want them to suffer with her.

At the moment, Zoe was staying with her so-called mother ina rundown apartment in North City.

She woke up here after she fainted.

The dilapidated house only had one room and one living room, and it was as small as it was filthy.

Clara Gooding changed new, bleached sheets for Zoe's bed so that she could sleep comfortably,
whereas Clara herself slept in the living room.

Though Zoe did not reject it, she did not feel grateful either and simply accepted it numbly.

Things were relatively peaceful… until last night.

There was loud banging on the door in the middle of the night.

Though something like that would have given Zoe a heart attack before, she was unusually calm.

She was unmoved by anything these days.

Nonetheless, she seemed to hear the door open following the violent knocking.

Soon, she heard objects being thrown across the room and Clara pleading meekly, "Could you please
keep it down, Denzel? I really don't have any money now. Please just go..."

"Don't you have a daughter? She's a real babe too, so have her spread her legs and make me some
money or I'll kill you!"

Denzel was growling viciously at Clara in return.

"I really don't have any money now.Please..."

Clara kept repeating.

"Don't give me that crap! If you don't, I'll make your daughter a prostitute!"

Denzel bellowed and strode towards the bedroom.

"Stop! Don't do anything to her! I'm begging you," Clara pleaded.

"How much do you want? I'll give it to you..."

"Forty grand!"

"Forty grand? I'd never get that much money even if I worked my entire life..."

"Then tell your daughter to prostitute herself!" Denzel snarled viciously.

"No, stop! Don't go in there—"

Nonetheless, the man kicked open the bedroom door, and Zoe saw a bald, middle-aged man who was
on the pudgy side, his expression contorted with savagery.

Denzel could not see Zoe's face clearly under the faint lighting, so he did not realize that she was not

"You're coming with me!"

Denzel strode forward to drag Zoe out of bed.She was very weak, having caught a persistent fever
since fainting outside the Levine Manor.

It took a while for it to subside, and she had since lost all appetite, eating no more than a few spoonfuls
each day.She just basically ensured that her body's basic needs were met so that she did not die.

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