Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 333

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Noel was clenching her knuckles and restraining her rage inside.

Whatever she did for the Sachs, they would never acknowledge her —in the end, she amounted to
nothing more than an ordinary employee for Sonny.

Still, she sneered—she never took anything lying down.

Once she took majority shares of Sachs Enterprises, she would make all of them suffer in every way
they can! And it was just three more days now.

Three days until Cordy's trial.

And once she was given her sentence...

The mere thought left Noel delighted! The night before Cordy's trial, she and Quinn sorted out all their
documents and evidence prepared for her defense.

But just as Quinn packed up and was about to leave, Cordy suddenly stopped her.


After working together for a while now, they had gotten close.

"Yeah?" Quinn replied, looking at Cordy then.

"Do you know about Zoe?"

Cordy could not resist asking—it has been two weeks, but she still could not reach Zoe at all.It was
obvious how much this hurt her, and she could not help worrying.

"What is it?"

Quinn was puzzled, though she soon came to a realization.

"Right, she's been very busy, even though she promised to stay with you all the way until your trial. And
yet, she's nowhere to be seen."

Cordy pursed her lips—she thought Zoe would perhaps contact Quinn given that they had been best
friends for years.

Even so, Quinn became a little worried seeing Cordy's serious reaction.

"Wait, did something happen to her?"

"Zoe isn't Nancy Levine's child," Cordy said very clearly then.

"What?! No way!" Quinn exclaimed, naturally skeptical.

"She takes after Ivan York so much that she's just Ivan in a skirt!"

There was no way something so ridiculous would happen to Zoe! She always thought that someone so
bright, cheerful, and kind as Zoe would have luck on her side.

Was this not a little unfair?! Nonetheless, Cordy quickly told Quinn about everything that had happened
and added, "It's been half a month now, but I still can't contact her. I have no idea what she's doing
now, let alone where she went!"

"I'll call her." Quinn promptly whipped out her phone.

Cordy was going to remind her that Zoe turned it off, but what if she turned it on now? Nonetheless,
there was actually a dialing tone this time.No one answered, but Zoe's phone was definitely turned on.

Both Cordy and Quinn were on their toes, and Zoe answered at the very last beep.


Upon hearing that familiar voice, both Cordy and Quinn's eyes welled with tears.

"Where are you?" Quinn asked immediately, without another word.


Zoe murmured, pausing a moment before finishing, "where I should be."

"What are you talking about? Whatever, just get back here.Cordy and I have just finished discussing
her case, and we're heading to court tomorrow.If you can't get here, I'll go there to get you."

"How's it going? Does she have a chance of winning tomorrow?" Zoe asked.

She avoided Quinn's demands directly, but Quinn gave her a condition for that.

"Come back and I'll tell you."

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