Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 338

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Why was Zoe suddenly thinking about Clara? The way she aged unnaturally quickly under stress, her
hands that were filled with calluses, and how she always cooked her good food when she was already
penniless...Her tears began to trickle out the corner of her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.She
thought she would never forgive Clara for the rest of her life or be soft on her, let alone acknowledge

But in just two weeks, she was already worried about Clara.

She had no idea how long she had been crying, but her tears could not stop flowing.

Zoe received a text from Linda in the afternoon.

Before she received it, she actually did not know if she would force herself and ask others for help, or
really wait to die.

Nonetheless, the text arrived, and Zoe stayed silent for a long while after that.

[Your showbiz career is being smothered in every aspect, save for one option.You can take it if you're
willing, and I understand that you can't survive after losing everything since you used to lead a lavish
life.Likewise, I understand too many A-listers getting caught in various scandals, and were forced to
sell themselves, body and soul.But just think about it—I'll give this director's number to you.You can
even negotiate to not show your face.] Zoe stared at the number sent to her by Linda.

Zoe doubted that Linda was trying to humiliate by sending her to film pornography.

Linda was just used to the comings and goings of stars and artists who would do anything for money.

In that sense, she was doing all she could, out of kindness, to help Zoe.

Zoe's hands were shaking even as she dialed the number.

Everyone in showbiz naturally knew how tragic her situation was, and therefore she was squeezed
down to only fifty grand for one film.

She agreed to it, with the only condition being for her face to be censored out.

The director agreed to it and arranged for an 8 PM audition.

She got up and went to clean herself at a public bath, already used to having everything around her
being dilapidated.

For example, the water from the faucet would be hot and cold, there was hair and garbage all around
the floor, and all she could use was the cheapest hygiene products.

Once she stepped out, she dried her hair while Clara watched her.

"Are you leaving?" Clara asked.

Zoe nodded, and Clara handed Zoe the hundred -dollar bill again.

"Take this."

Zoe stared at it for a while, and took it—she had no money at the moment, let alone anything for the
taxi fare.As she left with the money, however, Clara told her, "Don't come back."

Zoe ignored Clara, but she could imagine the beating Clara was in for if she did not.

She was walking down the dimly lit stairs when she received that call from Quinn.She hesitated for a
long while before finally answering.

It was then that she remembered promising Cordy that she would stay with Cordy until her trial, only to
end up breaking that promise.

Zoe could not stop her tears welling in her eyes at Quinn's words, but she knew very well that Quinn
and Cordy would accept her unconditionally.

Even so, she was utterly reluctant to trouble them.

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