Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 337

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Nonetheless, Zoe pulled herself together.She thought about many people who could help her, but as
she scrolled through her contacts, she suddenly found herself unable to call them.

There was John, Cordy, Quinn...even Bob and the rest of his gang.

Forty grand was pocket change to them.

But she refused to call them—to let them know her tragic, impoverished state—and certainly did not
want to add to their troubles.

Her fingers hovered over her manager's number for a moment, but she eventually called her manager,
throwing aside all her dignity to ask for forty grand.

Linda, however, refused—it was not as if she was reluctant to help, but she had been threatened and
forbidden from aiding Zoe.

To make things worse, Linda told Zoe that all her endorsement deals and advertisements she was
scheduled to shoot had all been called off.

Even the TV series and movies that were already filmed and were in post-production would now be
altered, either with a new actress taking her place or having her face altered with AI tech.

At the same time, everything else that had already been aired or airing would be taken off the shelves.

She was being canceled to the last.

Linda actually sounded a little sorry too —she was the one who groomed Zoe and made her career, but
she was not exactly emotional either.

In the end, this was showbiz.

It was unforgivably pragmatic, and anyone could be knocked off their perch in an instant, while the
audience would simply forget about them soon enough.

Either way, Zoe's showbiz career was dead as a doornail—Linda had no way of helping her, nor did
she have the disposition to negotiate with any production company.

Zoe hesitated for a while and called another number.

It was answered too.


"James," Zoe greeted the man—he had no idea why she would call him when they were clearly not that

However, the last time the Stuarts visited the Levines and mingled, they had kept in contact afterward,
even sharing phone numbers.

Still, they never spoke much about anything too personal, and it was just some friendly chat at best —
like a distant acquaintance.

All Zoe could think just then was that since the Stuarts were above the Levines, James Stuart could
help her without being affected at all.

Nancy was not that unreasonable that she would go to war against the Stuarts, and she would give
them leeway, bearing with it even if she was upset about it.

Nonetheless, James' tone was neutral.

"What is it?"

Zoe gritted her teeth and went straight to the point, "Could you lend me forty grand?"

"Well, it's not much." James mused.

"But I have no reason to lend it to you."

Cold disappointment seized Zoe's heart right then.

James had always given her the impression of a mild elder brother, but it turned out that he could be
this cold.

"My sister told me that you're not a Levine now," James added bluntly.

"No, I'm not," Zoe answered very softly.

"I won't deny that I had a good impression of you before, and I never protested when my grandfather
had tried to get us together since I've been putting off marriage for my career's sake.

But the prerequisite for that is for our family backgrounds to be equal, and since you're no Levine now,
there's a difference in hierarchy separating us now."

"For me, the foundation of a relationship is built upon profits, so that means we can never be
together.In addition, if I help you when the Levines clearly want you dead, I'd be making life difficult for
my sister.I actually thought you were a kind person who was considerate toward others, but this alone
made me very disappointed in you."

Zoe's fingers clenched over her phone, but she could not say a word.

It seemed to her that everyone believed that everything she did now was for selfish reasons—in fact,
James never once asked her why she needed the money.

Maybe he presumed that she was asking for alms after running out? Zoe did not bother explaining
herself either.

"Sorry for disturbing," she flatly said and hung up.

To no surprise, she was now a pariah to everyone else.

As she lowered her phone, she stared at the dilapidated ceiling above, thinking she should just give up
and let herself be killed by Denzel.

He would just kill her, at worst.She really had no qualms about dying now.So why...

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