Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 343

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Jay was covered in gashes from Lawrence's whip, but he did not make a sound as he took it.

And once it was over, he got up quietly and left.

John followed him.

Nancy once again tried to stop him, but Alan raised a hand, and she did not dare to breathe a word at

John drove, taking Jay to the studio where Zoe would be filming, and Jay was out of the car even
before John stopped the car...only to suddenly pause under a streetlight, turn around, and walk down
that alley.

John was aware of what happened in Bob's car too.

Perhaps when one misses out on a chance for a relationship, they would miss out on it forever.

John held out a hand to help Jay to his feet, but Jay waved him off and pushed himself slowly off the

However, he had not walked more than a couple steps when he suddenly wobbled, and John had to
quickly catch him.

Even as John took Jay away, he had no idea if it was the physical wounds that overwhelmed Jay, or
the heartbreak was more than what he could take.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Bob were still sitting awkwardly in the latter's car, neither noticing what just
transpired outside.

They were both open and cheerful people, but suddenly turned from extroverts to introverts from just a

Neither of them spoke, and simply remained in their seats, looking flustered and overly self-conscious.


Bob tried to speak multiple times, but still failed to say a word, Zoe, too, was biting her lip, unsure how
to face this at all.

He was a brother to her...and then this happened! Taking a deep breath, Bob eventually said, "Anyway,
just give me your bank account number."

"My mother...I mean, Ms.Levine froze my accounts.I won't get a dime even if you wired money to it,"
Zoe replied.

"Then...what about cash?" Bob suggested.

Zoe bit her lip, at a loss of whether to say yes or to reject him.

"Let's go to the nearest bank,"

Bob quickly started the car and drove out.

Zoe stayed silent, approving that just then.But after they stopped in front of an ATM, Bob was huffing
as he returned.

"Piece of sh*t! I can only take three grand on one withdrawal!"

Zoe did not know that ATMs had that limit either, since they never used cash and always had enough
credit in their cards.

"I'm calling the bank," Bob quickly said.

Zoe quickly caught his wrist, but she suddenly found the touch awkward even though they used to
wrestle a lot and this amount of body contact had been normal to them! Withdrawing her hand, she
explained, "You'd alert Ms.Levine if you speak to the bank."

"Are you really that afraid of her?" Bob growled, though he had always been fearless and thought
nothing of anyone else.

"I just don't want to get you into trouble."

"It's not."

"Let's try to avoid it, at least."

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