Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 342

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Neither Bob nor Zoe noticed a familiar figure just ahead of their car watching them kiss.

Jay stood beneath a street light as he watched the pair press their lips together, unable to see their
faces but understanding right then.He quietly turned to leave, limping as he did.

Walking was difficult for him at the moment, but it hurt more that he always missed out on her.

He sat on the end of the back alley, away from their sight, somehow not feeling any pain from his body,
which was battered and bruised.

After all, his heart was in pieces and that hurt far more than anything else...

Suddenly, another figure appeared before him, and Jay looked up to see John, who said, "Come on."

He clearly saw Bob with Zoe too.

He was having dinner at Levine Manor when he received an angry call from Bob and found out what
Zoe was about to do for money.

He said nothing and started to leave with Jay, intent on stopping it, only for Nancy to intercept them,
stubbornly refusing to let them go at any cost.

Still, John soon cooled down because he knew that Bob was definitely going to stop it.

On the other hand, Jay seemed to lose his mind.

Disregarding all else, he rushed out of Levine Manor, but was once again stopped by the servants.

Even Alan was threatening him.

"You step out that front door, Jay Parker, and you're no longer family!"

"You knew what I was going to choose anyway,"

Jay growled, his face contorted savagely.

In fact, the instant Jay returned to Levine Manor after Zoe was revealed to be an illegitimate child, he
had a heart-to-heart with his adopted father.

Alan had already threatened Jay as much as he could, but Jay remained unmoved.

In the end, they made an agreement —if Jay was still adamant on leaving the family for Zoe's sake,
Alan would not stop Jay.

Jay agreed, as a final gesture of respect to Alan.He just did not expect that Zoe would push him over
the edge in less than a month.

"Jay Parker!" Nancy bellowed at him furiously.

"My father was noble when he took you in all those years ago! And now, you're turning against the
family over some mongrel?! How ungrateful can you be?!"

"I'm a mongrel too, aren't I?"

Jay scoffed in retort.

Bang! Alan slammed his palm on the table, clearly incensed! Richard's little frame flinched—he had
never seen his great - grandfather being that furious, and he sat frozen stiff at the dining table! "watch
your words, Jay!""

Alan growled threateningly.

Jay pursed his lips.He did not retort anymore, but his attitude remained resolute.

"Jay Parker! Don't you know that father can take everything from you, just as he had given you

Nancy snapped with perfect timing then.

"Do you want to end up the same as Zoe?!"

"Yes.I'd rather be with her."

Nancy's blood pressure must have skyrocketed from that.

"Fine.I won't stop you," Alan said icily.


Yes, Master Levine," his butler responded respectfully.

"Family rules will be enforced," Alan instructed.

"And announce to the world that Jay is not a member of our family from now on!"

Lawrence was clearly hesitant even as he looked at Alan, but seeing the cold flash in Alan's eyes, he
could only follow Alan's orders.

"Yes, Master Levine."

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