Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 345

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Even as Zoe stared at Bob flushing down his neck, she became convinced at that instant that there
was a chance he really never messed around with other women.

"That's a little too fast.I have trouble...keeping up," he stammered.

Zoe was a little speechless—who was the sugar baby here again? "Just take me home for now," she
said, not fussing about it just then.

She was worried that Denzel would have returned by now.


Bob quickly drove her to the projects where she was staying.

But when he actually arrived, he was scowling and could not help asking, "This is where you've been

"Yeah." Zoe nodded.

"Sorry.I didn't know that it was bad for you,"

Bob appeared remorseful and heartbroken.

"I shouldn't have criticized you just now...I would've died a hundred times over if I had to live there."

Zoe smiled—that was the best part about Bob.

What you see is what you get.

Unlike that other man...

Zoe thought then that she could probably forget about him forever now.

As she alighted, she said, "Drive safe.I'm going now."

"Should I walk you upstairs? Even the stairs is pitch-black I'm worried you'd fall."

"No," Zoe told him.

"You should go."

"Call me when you get back," Bob said, obviously still worried.

Zoe headed up the dark building with the bag carrying forty grand worth of cash.

She was not used to this path, but acceptance helps a person in getting used to everything

However, she had yet to reach the front door of Clara's unit when she heard objects shattering.

There were all sorts of unsavory characters in the projects, so physical assault was commonplace, let
alone things being thrown around.

People were so used to it that no one would ask a thing.

Zoe hurried inside the house and found Denzel holding a stool in the air, ready to swing it at Clara's
head! "Stop!"

Zoe snapped loudly right then.

Denzel turned around and appeared taken aback to see Zoe.

Still, he was soon smiling vilely.

"I thought you ran, you little sl*t! I was just going to kill your mom!"

Zoe saw Clara lying on the floor just then, battered and bruised, and her rage flared right then.

Clara looked like she could not get up at all, but when she saw Zoe, she scrambled to her feet and
cried out, "Why did you come back? I told you to run! Just go!"

She tried to push Zoe outside as firmly as she could, but Denzel was not holding back his foul mouth at

"Go?! You're going nowhere! I need her to work as a prostitute!"

"Just go!"

Clara kept pushing at Zoe regardless, urgency showing on her face.

Even so, she would rather let Denzel kill her than trouble Zoe.

Zoe's eyes were puffy, but before she could speak, Denzel pushed Clara out of the way, slamming her
into the wall nearby with a loud thud.

But even as she fell to the floor and did not move for a while, she was still murmuring, "Run...You have
to run..."

Zoe wheeled on Denzel with an angry glare! There was no way he would fear her or Clara, however,
and he promptly grabbed her by the wrist.

"Come here! You're making me money, whether you're willing or not!"

"Let me go!"

Zoe snapped.

"I've brought the money—"

"Let her go!"

Bob's furious voice suddenly thundered from behind them.

Zoe turned, stunned that Bob would suddenly show up there—she thought he already left! "Who do
you think you are?!"

Denzel yelled at him.

"Don't meddle with my family affairs—"

Pow! Bob kicked the man square on the stomach, sending him stumbling several steps backward! At
the same time, he pulled Zoe into his arms, shielding her while his eyes were blazing!

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