Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 348

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‘One day"

Nuel thought to herself.

One day, she would rise to the top, and trample everyone beneath their teet! "Mr.Levine! What's the
reason you've come personally to witness Cordy Sachs' trial?"

"You're a really busy man, and you've only mct Ms.Sachs on occasion.What brings you here?"

"I was the one who asked Johnny to come with me," Jessica said, butting in amid the journalists'
endless questions.

"Ah, so Mr.Levine is just accompanying his fiancee. Well, Ms.Stuart, what brings you here lo Ms.
Sachs! Trial?" the journalists asked eagerly.

"I admire Cordy, and my family have been eager to work with Cordy since our business already has a
foothold here. It's therefore a pity that this would happen to her, and I've come today to see what
becomes of this trial."

Jessica's response was very formal, but it did not impede her public persona as a decent,
understanding person—which won a lot of points in her favor.

“Are you saying that your family would expand the family business into North City?"

“Of course. We will be spending more time here too."

"Ah, of course, since you will be residing here permanently once you tie the knot. By the way, when will
that be? Is the date decided

"Of course. We will be spending more time here too."

"We have yet to, but don't worry—once we decide on it, we will make the announcement right away,"
Jessica answered, appearing perfectly cordial.

"Congratulations!" All the journalists wished them well right then.

"Sorry, but the trial will be starting soon," Jessica said politely.

"If everyone can make way for us… and thank you for your good work! W The journalists did not
harass them at all, since they could not afford to upset neither the Levines nor the Stuarts.

As John and Jessica made their way into the courtroom, there were already many people seated
inside.It was a public trial, and since Cordy was quite famous in North City, many individuals with status
were there.

John and Jessica just took their seats at the front row when Jay suddenly arrived and sat beside John.

John gave him a look, since he was the one who sent Jay to the hospital last night.

He therefore knew very well that Jay was hurt all over his body and not just the face.

The doctor even told him to stay in the hospital and take a week to recover! "What are you doing

John asked, clearly a little upset.

"Just taking a look."

Just if, Zoe asked...

John pursed his lips, giving his silent approval eventually.

Sam and Bob arrived just before the trial started, with Sam being half -awake—it had been a while
since he woke up before 12 PM.

Bob appeared fatigued too as they both sat with John.

Sam could not resist teasing Bob anyway, saying, "Where have you been last night? You've been
nodding off as soon as I picked you up.

The chick last night really toiled you the entire night, huh?"

"Why do you care?"

Bob snapped, not in the mood to respond just then.

As a matter of fact, he had been spending all of last night helping Zoe move, working until 5 AM before
going home for a brief nap.It was a miracle he could get up at all.

"I got it right, huh?"

Sam scoffed.

"Honestly, which chick could get so enthusiastic with you? Look, I'm not body shaming, but you won't
have the stamina with that body.Want to hit the gym together when you're free?"

Sam was certainly robust in contrast to Bob's pudgy form—all over his body were chiseled muscles
with a perfectly streamlined body! Bob lowered his gaze at his own tummy and suddenly asked
seriously, "Chicks don't like this?"

"You think?! Who would want to hug a pig to sleep—"

"You shut your mouth!"

Bob could not help snapping at Sam right then, which earned them a stern warning from a bailiff.

As such, the two men had to keep their voices down as they continued to bicker.

John turned toward Jay then.

He appeared calm as ever, but his knuckles were clenched so hard they were turning white...

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