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Chapter 351

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"Firstly, Xander Lannings is just an employee in the tax bureau.I agree it might be possible that he
could tell that there was something wrong with Starstream Group's tax return submission.But how did
he manage to find out the deputy commissioner's personal account?"

"Secondly, Helen Zalenski claimed that my client made her transfer funds to Henry Lane through the
account.The evidence presented showed a movement in the balance of 700,000 in one of my client's
bank accounts.Yet, the bank was unable to provide video evidence of the opening of the bank account.I
do not think it is a more coincidence that the camera suddenly stopped working."

"Thirdly, Helen Zalenski said that my client was the one who instructed her to submit the tax return
accordingly. But from what I know, the secretary is the one who assists with Starstream Group's
electronic stamp, and signatures documented on paper do not suffice as evidence. After all, talented
people abound in this vast universe. Copying another person's handwriting is not uncommon."

"To sum up, I have reasons to plead not guilty on behalf of my client!"

The three doubts that Quinn clearly stated hit the nail on the head and silenced the entire court.

Bob could not help muttering in Sam's ears, "Seriously, your wife doesn't seem so impressive but the
moment she opens her mouth… bam! It's like getting hit by a train!"

Sam ignored Bob's comments, but his eyes remained fixed on Quinn, as if mesmerized.

Back in court, Xander responded in a hurry, "I know about the deputy commissioner's account status
because he once asked for my help to deposit money into his account. Because I had my suspicions, I
checked his balance and found a huge sum of money in his account."

Quinn chuckled.

It was laced with thinly-veiled cynicism.

She said, "If Henry really did take a bribe of a few hundreds of thousands, him giving you his account
details and asking for your help to deposit money is akin to saying to you: ‘Quick, check out my
account, I've been taking bribes, call the police and catch me!'"

Everyone seated in court laughed out loud at Quinn's words.

"Order!" Judge Faden reprimanded.

Everyone quietened down.

"It is unfathomable for someone able to rise to a position as high and as powerful as the chief of a
bureau to make such a low-level mistake," Quinn surmised.

"That was because I was too occupied with work and grabbed the wrong bank card in my hastiness,
which is why Xander found out," Henry immediately jumped in to explain.

‘In all my years of experience as a lawyer, having gone through so many trials, this is my first time
seeing the defendant explaining things for the plaintiff. People who are clueless might think the two of
them are in cahoots."

Quinn seemed to say it sarcastically but was in fact alluding to something.


Victor stood up from his seat, "Your Honor, I object to the defense attorney falsifying facts and using
invalid assumptions to mislead the witness."

“Objection sustained. Defense Attorney, please watch your language."

"Yes, Judge." Quinn was naturally respectful to Judge Faden. "Your Honor, may I ask my client a few


Quinn turned to look at Cordy.

Cordy looked calm and composed right from the start, which made her look more like the plaintiff than
the defendant.

"Cordy Sachs, Xander Lannings has accused you of bribery. Do you plead guilty?"

"I do not," Cordy said firmly.

‘But we have witnesses and evidence to prove that you transferred funds from your personal account to
other people's account and then into the account specified by Henry Lane. You then made the finance
department falsify the tax return submission to evade over 7 million worth of taxes. You personally
signed off all the tax reports. What evidence do you have to prove that you are not guilty?"

"The personal account in the evidence is not mine. 1 did not open that account," Cordy said directly.

"How do you prove that you are not the one who opened it? Based on what I know, according to our
country's bank account management policies, the account owner must be present for such
transactions. The bank also does not have surveillance camera footage to prove that you were not
there that day."

“But I can provide evidence to prove that I did not go to the bank that day."

Signs of a commotion began arising in the court.

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