Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 350

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After that, Helen Zalenski, the accountant working in Starstream Group under Cordy, was brought to
the witness stand.

"Did the defendant order you to wire 700,000 through multiple transactions to this account?" Victor

"Yes," Helen replied, keeping her head lowered, afraid to even look Cordy's way.

"And did the defendant order you to withhold the untampered tax revenue report?"


"This is redundant, but do you swear you're telling the truth and nothing but the truth?"

"Yes," Helen said determinedly.

"Thank you."

Having gotten all the responses he needed, Victor turned back toward Judge Faden.

"Your Honor, this concludes the prosecution's witness statements."

"Very well. You may return to your seat."

"Thank you, Your Honor."

Judge Faden then turned toward Quinn.

"What does the defendant plead?" Quinn looked up at him then.

She had kept her eyes glued to the materials she had, seemingly unaffected despite the solid evidence
against Cordy while the prosecution presented their evidence.

For everyone else, her apathy made her appear as if she had given up already.

It was no until Judge Faden called her that she put down the material she was holding and picked up
her glasses.

She actually appeared sharper as she put them on, and that black form-fitting suit was the signature
fashion of any lawyer! She stepped around her table and said unhurriedly, "Your Honor, my client
pleads not guilty."

The courtroom was left in an uproar by her declaration.

It was a clear cut case with definitive evidence, but the defendant was pleading not guilty?! Everyone
could not help reevaluating Quinn right then.

In reality, she never spent much time in a courtroom and was mostly a legal representative for the
Saunders whenever they had some legal dispute.

That was why she was not particularly famous among legal circles, and some lawyers who came to
attend the trial were stifling their laughter.

Some of them were already saying that Cordy was doomed when they found out that her lawyer was

It was not just the lawyers either—everyone else attending the trial was snickering.

Naturally, Noel could not help laughing too.

Fortunately, cameras were not allowed for this particular trial, and one would actually fear being caught
in the act.

But they could be forgiven, as Quinn somehow had the guts to plead not guilty when the prosecution
had both material witness and physical evidence.

It was simply unthinkable! Was she not afraid of getting slapped in the face?! And yet, Jessica
remained prim and proper throughout.

She was not affected by Quinn's statement at all—in fact, there was just a tinge of worry in her eyes.

On the other hand, Bob, who had been nodding off for a while, was suddenly energetic and spirited
after hearing Quinn's statement.

He even nudged Sam with his elbow.

"Didn't know that your wife looks that charismatic when she gets serious."

Sam's lips were curling up in a smile, though his tone was cool.

"It's just for show."

Bob shot him a sideways glance of disapproval—the man was incapable of honesty.

Still, as the court became rowdy, Judge Faden glowered, banged his gavel, and barked, "Order in the
court!"Everyone turned silent immediately.You may continue, Ms.Summer," Judge Faden told Quinn.

"Thank you, Your Honor," Quinn said, nodding solemnly before straightening herself, and spoke with
perfect clarity, "I have a few questions after listening to the prosecutor's presentation and their witness'

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