Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 355

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In the solemn and stately court, Judge Faden announced, "In accordance with the decision of the
collegial panel and through courtroom investigations and debate, there is insufficient evidence to
convict Cordy Sachs of bribery of 1 million dollars and tax evasion of over 7 million.She is to be
immediately released."

The moment the announcement was made, cheers sounded across the court.

Not everyone wanted to see Cordy captured.

Most wanted the court to seek justice.

What's more, the case was filled with twists and turns which explained the enthusiastic response
toward the announcement.

Noel was horror-stricken.She looked at the joyful faces around her and almost yelled out loud.She had
thought that it was a foregone conclusion that Cordy would be thrown into jail.

Yet...yet...everything was screwed up! Why in the world was Cordy so capable that she could escape
unscathed time and time again? Was even Jessica and the Stuarts no match for her? Noel gritted her
teeth with anger.

Jessica was not much better, but because John was seated next to her, she did not dare to express
what she was feeling inside.

Conversely, she had to pretend to be very happy.

That psychological distortion almost drove her mad! She had done so much to put everything in place;
all that was left was the missing piece in the puzzle.

Yet she had to lose this missing piece! She had thought that she could rest assured with Noel
overseeing things, but clearly, she had been careless.

Noel might be quick-witted, but she was no match for Cordy at all.

If she were a match for Cordy, Cordy would not have managed to make it out of the courtroom in one

Jessica tried to hide her emotions as best as she could.

She glanced at John seated next to her.

From the start to the end, the moment Cordy appeared in court, his gaze never once left her.

When it was announced that Cordy was to be immediately released, she was unable to tell what he
was feeling.

Was he unwilling to divulge his true feelings in front of anyone with the sole exception of Cordy?! After
the verdict was announced, everyone started leaving the courtroom.

Bob teased Sam, "It's hard to tell how capable your wife is.

I've never really interacted with her and only know that you don't have a very good relationship with her.

But now that your wife performed so well in court, she'll probably draw a lot of attention to herself.

Watch out that someone as flirtatious as you doesn't end up getting dumped!"

Sam looked at him in disdain.

"You'll only lose out if you don't listen to my words of wisdom."

Bob shrugged but did not say more.

Everyone walked to the entrance of the courtroom.

Cordy and Quinn were already outside of the courtroom and surrounded by reporters.

Sam locked at the rest and suggested, "Shall we have a meal together? It's been a while since we've
done that."

"Not me.I have something else on."

John was the first to reject.

Sam locked at Jay.

"I'm not free either,"

Jay replied in a seemingly weak and wavering tone.

Tf one were to look closely, it would be easy to see how terrifying pale his face had turned.

"Are you going to reject me too?"

Sam turned to Bob.

The two of them frequently had drinks together since they had the most free time cn their hands.

"Yes," Bob said without any hesitation, ''Don't call me out for drinks or bar hopping in the future.I won't
come.Firstly, my girlfriend wouldn't like that.Secondly, I really should start getting fit and losing weight."

"Are you really dating for real? Who in the world is your girl and how did she make you fall so madly in
love with her?!"

Sam said agitatedly, "Bring her out and let me be your gatekeeper.Many girls nowadays are vain gold
diggers.Sume are even outright scammers, if not just seeking self-benefit.I'm afraid a pure- hearted
man like you might get cheated of your feelings and get hurt big time."

"There's no need for you to be the gatekeeper.She's great —the best in the world," Bob said

"Just listen to yourself.You're already blinded by love.What if she cheats you of your feelings..."

Sam and Bob had always liked to fool around and tease each other.

Everyone else had long gotten used to it.

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