Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 361

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"Is Mommy going to cook for me?" Richard sounded very agitated.

"I want to buy groceries with Mommy, and I want to be with Mommy!" Cordy smiled and nodded.

Of course, she would not leave Richard alone at home.She held his hand and said to John, "Head back
first if you're busy. I'll take good care of Dicky."

John did not respond.

Cordy did not say anything further.

Instead, she went ahead and brought Richard to a nearby grocery store, and John followed right
behind them.

Many times, Cordy wanted to tell him to leave, but she eventually chose to remain silent.

The three of them walked around and shopped in the grocery store.

"Mommy, what are we buying?"

Richard was bubbling with excitement.He had never been to a grocery store like this, since his house
had everything and Winston always made sure that the house was well- stocked.He never had the
chance to visit a grocery store and see how it looked.

"I'll buy whatever you want to eat."

"I want to eat fish, lobster, and crab..."

Richard mentioned many seafood options.

The corner of Cordy's lips lifted in a smile.

Richard's palate was similar to hers.

Cordy made a beeline to the seafood section and picked out many types of seafood.

She thought about it and decided that seafood alone was not enough, so she picked out some
vegetables, steak, and some snacks.

After she was done, she said to John, "Help me watch Dicky for a while.I need some time to buy some
personal items.Wait for me at the cashier."


With that, Cordy left.She was holding onto a couple of packets of sanitary pads as she headed to the

John and Richard were already scanning the items at the self- checkout counter.

When John saw her walking over, he reached out and said, "Give me your things.I'll check them out
together with everything else."

Cordy hesitated, and John furrowed his brow.

There were a few more people behind them in the queue.

Feeling like some people were muttering under their breaths for them to hurry up, Cordy bit the bullet
and passed all the packets of sanitary pads to John.

John looked at them as he held them in his hands.

Cordy felt so awkward she could not help but turn and look away.

"Sir, we have an ongoing promotion for sanitary pads right now, where you can get a free box of
condoms with every purchase.There are three types, so please select one."

The cashier held out a few boxes as he explained.

"No, thanks." John rejected him.

"It's free," the cashier hurriedly added.

"It's a promotion that the manufacturer is running.If you find it good, you can buy from this manufacturer
again to support them.Just let me know which type you prefer.Oh yes, do take note of the different

It was the first time Cordy saw John look so awkward.He was so awkward that even his ears turned
red, and she felt inexplicably gleeful about his plight.

Who asked him to tag along shamelessly to their grocery store run? Just when Cordy's lips lifted in a
smirk, John turned to ask her, " Which one do you prefer?"

The cashier turned to look at Cordy, and her face blushed bright red.

Meanwhile, there was a young couple standing behind them, and the woman said, "Wow, not only is
that man handsome, but he's also thoughtful and caring enough to ask his girlfriend what she prefers.

Unlike you, who only bothers to buy whatever you like without asking whether I'm comfortable with it or

"Don't you like it too?"

The man was clearly upset at being compared to someone else.

"Hmph." The lady refused to buy his argument.

"At most, I'll let you choose later on, and we'll buy whatever you like, okay?"

The man decided to give in.

Cordy wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it as she listened to their conversation.

"Miss, please help your husband choose a type," the cashier urged without forgetting to comment,
"Your husband is so nice. I seldom see husbands caring about their wives’ opinions."

Cordy glanced at John, who had a smug smile hanging on his lips.

Cordy was speechless.

The thought of her gloating at his plight earlier made her lament that retribution had come too soon.

Cordy shut her eyes and randomly picked a box.

"This one, then."


The cashier immediately packed it into a bag.

After they made payment, the three of them walked out of the grocery store.

Cordy seldom visited the grocery store and suddenly felt that she might have bought too much as she
saw John carrying two large bags filled to the brim.

"Let me."

Cordy stopped in front of John and said, "I'd hate to take up your time."

"Are you sure?" John asked Cordy.

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