Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 364

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"Thank you for your help in the lawsuit," Cordy clarified.

John was the one who found all the critical evidence, especially evidence of the finance department
finding someone to reproduce her signature on the documents.

"I was the reason for everything to happen.You have no need to apologize."

Cordy did not say anything further.She truly hoped from the bottom of her heart that John and Jessica
could get married as soon as possible, thereby breaking all ties between her and John.

But because John was the reason that everything was fine for her now, she had no right to request that
of him.

"Oh yes." Cordy changed the subject.

"Did you know that Zoe and Bob are together now?"

"I do," John replied.

Cordy was not surprised.She never needed to doubt his ability and speed at hearing of such news.

"From what I hear from Zoe, she shares a pretty good relationship with Bob.I don't want to comment
about whether their relationship is more platonic or romantic in nature, but I can sense Zoe's
happiness, so I hope that you won't interfere in their relationship.If I were to be blunt about this, I don't
want you telling Zoe about everything that Jay hid from her in the past, and I don't want him to be
disturbing her peace and happiness."

"Don't worry, he won't," John assured her.

"Although Jay is family, I've always viewed my friends as equally important.If Bob truly loves Zoe and if
she truly accepts Bob, I give them my blessings and wish them happiness.Not just me, but so will Jay."

Cordy looked at him.She felt that John trusted Jay unconditionally.

"Jay and I witnessed it when Bob and Zoe confirmed their feelings for each other last night.Jay turned
around and left after that."

John saw the disbelief in Cordy's eyes and made himself clearer, saying, "If he had wanted to destroy
things between them or try to fight for Zoe's affections, he wouldn't have left.Jay is a kind man."

Cordy nodded in agreement.She remembered how Jay had sent her to the hospital when she was
drunk previously.

As much as he knew that there was something between her and John, she was still pretty much a
stranger to him whom he could simply turn a blind eye to.

Yet, he sent her to the hospital out of the kindness of his heart and made sure that she was settled in
and fine before he left.

"It's hard to control matters of the heart." John could tell that Cordy's heart ached for Jay.

"So, I dare not let go. The moment I do, I know that it'll only drift further from me."

With that, John left.

Cordy looked at his retreating figure.

Of course, she knew clearly what his last sentence meant.

Cordy took a deep breath.

John's persistence was beginning to move her ever so slightly, but she did not want to admit that.

On Monday, Noel at Sachs Enterprises' weekly board of directors' meeting earlier than the stipulated
time and sat in the chairman's seat.

All the other: directors exchanged glances.

Noel was always sensible and knew her place.

Why was she seated there today? Even if Simon was busy and unable to attend the meeting and
delegated her to host the meeting, she should have enough self-awareness to sit in the next seat

Of course, since she was a member of the Sachs family, the other directors did not make any

At the last moment, Simon brought Sonny into the meeting room.

His face fell the moment he came in and saw Noel seated in his chair.

Although Simon liked Noel and even felt slightly guilty toward her at -imes because of his bias toward
his son, he was clearly upset when he saw her rudely seated at his chair.

Sonny had always been rash and hotheaded.

When he walked in behind his father and saw Noel seated in the chairman's seat, his blood boiled as
he yelled, "Noel, are you mad? How dare you sit at Dad's seat! Hurry, ge: up! You're embarrassing

Noel glanced at Sonny and turned a blind eye to his shouts.

Sonny was horrified at Noel's attitude toward him.

He was used to being the king in the Sachs household, and he was the heir of Sachs Enterprises, after

Who would dare provoke him? He stormed up toward Noel, fully intending to pull her off the chair, when
Noel pulled out the document indicating that she was the largest shareholder of Sachs Enterprises.

She declared aloud, "I now own 41% of Sachs Enterprises' shares and I'm its largest shareholder.

According to the organization's rules, whoever owns the most shares is the chairman of Sachs
Enterprises! In other words, from today on, I officially take over the position of chairman of Sachs

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