Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 362

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Cordy furrowed her brow.

What was there to be unsure about? John did not resist and handed the two bags to Cordy.

When she took them over, she immediately placed them on the ground.She did not expect them to be
so heavy! She was completely unable to lift them without any prior mental preparation.She saw John
lifting them so easily...

"Ms. Sachs, do you still want to act tough?" John asked.

Cordy pursed her lips.She did not think that she bought a lot of things as she shopped, but yet, she
unknowingly did.

John did not make things too difficult for Cordy.

He simply took over the two bags from her again and walked ahead.

Cordy hesitated for a moment before holding Richard's hand and following behind him.

When they reached home, Cordy began packing the things she bought, and that was when she found
the box of condoms.

She glanced at John who was seated on the couch with Richard watching television and wondered
how she could hand the condoms over to him.

"Do you need help?" John turned to look at her.

It was as if he could sense what she was thinking, no matter where or when.

Cordy nodded.

John stood up and walked over to Cordy.

Cordy immediately handed the box over to him.

John glanced at it.

"Don't you like this?" Cordy looked away.

"I don't need it."

"Me neither."

John was forthright in his response.

Cordy looked at him and immediately understood.

John and Jessica probably did not need this too.

The two of them were not getting any younger, and their marriage most likely had children as part of
the plan.

"I'll chuck it, then," Cordy said as she made a move to throw it into the trash can.

"Leave it, just in case there's a need for it." John suddenly grabbed it.

Cordy furrowed her brow.

John took it and left, and Cordy did not say anything further.It was free, anyway.He could do anything
he pleased with it.

After Cordy was done packing, she began preparing dinner.

When she finally decided on what to cook, John came in again.

"I can do it myself..."

"It's almost 8 PM.Dicky is hungry," John said directly.

That was when Cordy noticed the time.

"It'll be faster for me to cook instead," John suggested.

"You can learn from the side, and you'll improve faster, too."

Cordy took a deep breath and nodded in approval.

In her open kitchen, Cordy served as John's kitchen assistant.

John patiently explained to Cordy every step of the way as he cooked.

The two of them had pretty good chemistry.

In awhile, three dishes and a bowl of soup were ready on the table.

John sat at the table and began eating with no qualms whatsoever.

"Mommy, the dishes you cooked are delicious."

Richard was eager to butter up his mother.

Before Cordy could respond, John said, "Eat more, then.Don't let your mommy's effort go to waste."

"I'll have two huge bowls of food,"

Richard declared out loud.

Warmth seeped through Cordy's heart.

No matter how cold or distant the world felt, every day was a bright and warm spring day with Richard
in her life.

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