Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 365

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Everyone was shocked to silence at her words.

Even Simon and Sonny were shocked speechless.

Noel handed the document over to her assistant standing behind her.

"Give it to my father, my beloved brother, and every senior director in the room."

"Yes, Chairman." The assistant hurriedly handed out the documents to Simon and everyone else.

The document stated everything in black and white, leaving everyone with no choice but to believe that
Noel had indeed become the largest shareholder of Sachs Enterprises.

Noel looked at the looks of disbelief on Simon and Sonny's face and sneered.

She had wanted to show her trump card only when the Sachs really provoked her to her last straw, but
she could not hold herself back and desperately ached for the chance to stand tall and proud before

So she sat in the chairman's seat during Sachs Enterprises' board of directors' meeting without giving it
much thought.

The feeling of looking down on all of them from her place of power was great! "If there are no further
questions, Father, Sonny, please sit here."

Noel pointed at the seats next to her.

Simon had always taken the highest position over the years at Sachs Enterprises.

How could he swallow such humiliation especially at the look on Noel's face? Although he did not throw
a fit in front of the other senior directors, he found it impossible to stay on for the meeting.

Instead, he turned around and left the meeting, slamming the door on his way out.

Sonny followed closely behind him.

Noel smiled smugly, showing neither worry nor fear at Simon's anger.

She said proudly, "Let's carry on with the meeting."

She hosted the meeting as if nothing happened.

After the meeting, Noel returned to her office.

The moment she sat down, her door was kicked open by Sonny.

Noel looked up nonchalantly.

"What do you mean by this? You secretly bought over so much of Sachs Enterprises' shares? Where
did you get the money from? How did you manage this?! Noel, how dare you fight with me for the
family assets? Since when did you become this shameless?! The Sachs household is filled with
shameless women—you and Cordy are both the same!"

Sonny yelled furiously.

His words were nasty to the ears.

"Sonny, who do you think you are? Just look at what a useless bum you are and you dare dream about
inheriting Sachs Enterprises? If Sachs Enterprises really ends up in your hands, it'll be doomed to
bankruptcy in no time!"

"Shut up, Noel!"

Sonny was in such a rage that he made a move to hit Noel.

Just then, the security guards standing outside the room charged in and held Sonny down till he was
unable to move.

"Let me go, do you know who I am? Believe it or not, I can get you fired in no time!"

"Who are you, indeed? You're just a barking mad dog!" Noel said viciously.

"You're a mad dog who only knows how to blindly bite others.I'm telling you, Sonny, if you dare to
cause any further trouble, I'll throw you out of Sachs Enterprises with my own two hands!"

"I dare you to!"

"Throw him out right now!" Noel instructed.

The security guards hauled Sonny away.

"Let me go! I'll beat you guys to death!"

Sonny cursed all the way as he was thrown out.

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