Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 366

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"Let him go!"

Simon suddenly walked in, and the security guards looked at Noel.

Noel decided to leave her father some dignity and instructed them to let Sonny go.

The moment Sonny shook himself free, he charged toward Noel, intending to beat her up, but Simon
held him back.

"That's enough, you useless bum!"

Sonny had no fear for anything in this world with the sole exception of his father.He quietened down
immediately upon Simon's scolding.

Noel looked at Sonny and sneered.It made Sonny's blood boil so much that he desperately wanted to
kill Noel.

"Noel, give me your shares.We're still family and I promise not to pursue matters regarding what
happened today."

Simon tried his best to remain calm and even spoke in a kind manner.

Noel burst out laughing.

"Dad, I finally know now why Cordy hates the Sachs family so much.That's because everyone in our
family is so disgusting!"

Simon's face darkened with displeasure.

"I have no idea what gives you the right to ask me to give you the shares and even speak so
magnanimously about not pursuing the matter.Do I need your magnanimity? Since I have the ability to
sit in the chairman's seat, I don't intend to be pretentious in front of all of you!" Noel sneered.

"Don't blame me for being nasty.You were the one who forced me into doing what I did.Sonny is
useless and yet all of you defend him in all things.I've done so much for the family and none of you
even care about me, and you even want me to work for Sonny my whole life.What justice is there in
this world?! Do you really think the Sachs family is immortal and worthy of such worship?"

"Enough of your nonsense, Noel! I'm only talking to you nicely because of our father-daughter

"Don't give me that.Ever since I saw how you treated Cordy, I knew that you care nothing for family
ties.You only care about your own benefit.As long as it threatens your own benefit, you can be
ruthless.If you can be ruthless to Cordy, you can to me as well.I really must thank Cordy for helping me
see the true colors of the Sachs household and driving me to climb to this position!" Noel said brazenly.

"You only have 1% more shares than I do, Noel.I can buy shares anytime I wish.Do you really think you
can stay proud for long?"

"Cordy has 10% and the other directors own a total of 9%.Let's put it this way: Cordy would never sell
you her shares, and you only have the Sachs family to thank.Back then, it was Grandma who
announced to the whole world that she would never ask Cordy for help.Who else can you blame for
cutting off your last hope?!"

Noel cackled gleefully, "As for the 9% held by outsiders, if these shares could be bought over, would
you even stand a chance? I would've already bought them over."


Veins popped out on Simon's forehead.He had never imagined that the daughter whom he had trusted
so much would be so calculative.

"This is entirely your own doing.Had you that bit more of a conscience, you wouldn't have cornered
yourself like this." Noel sneered.

"Dad, if there's nothing else, please take your beloved son away and don't bother me working."

"Are you sure you want to be this vicious, Noel?!"

Simon threatened once again.

Noel could not be bothered about Simon's threats.

Simon gritted his teeth and turned around to leave.

"Oh yes,"

Noel suddenly thought of something.

"Dad, since you're no longer the chairman, I'll ask someone to clear out your office. I'll use it in the
future.As for which other room you want as your own office, please go ahead and select one."

Simon's face was dark with anger as he left in a huff.

Sonny followed right behind him and both of them left Sachs Enterprises.

They were mobbed by reporters the moment they arrived downstairs.

News of Noel taking over Sachs Enterprises had spread!

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