Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 368

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She always had her say in the Sachs household! "What exactly were you thinking when you put Cordy
down in front of the media, saying that the Sachs family will never beg her for help for anything? Now
you've cut off our only hope! You have no sense at all, despite being so advanced in years!"

Simon scolded.

He shifted all blame and responsibility to Plum.

" dare you say that of me?! I'm your mother, Simon.Aren't you afraid of being struck by

Plum's face paled as she yelled back.

"If you weren't my mother, I would have chased you out of the house long ago! You're so ungrateful
even after enjoying good times at our house for so many years!"

Anger rose in Simon's chest as he spoke.

The thought of him being the butt of everyone else's jokes made him furious with nowhere to vent his

After he was done yelling at Plum, he suddenly stood up from the couch and kicked the coffee table.

The cups on the table smashed on the floor, making a huge commotion.

After that, he left upstairs in a huff.

Plum's eyes turned red with anger.She had never been treated so poorly, having lived to such an
advanced age.She never expected the day to come when her son whom she had raised since young

would scold her like this.

"Grandma, don't blame Dad for scolding you like this.You were being unreasonable."

Sonny threw her a remark and turned to leave as well.

Plum was hopping mad.

The grandson whom she doted dearly on and gave everything she had was turning around and
teaching her a lesson?! "Ingrates, all of you are ingrates!"

Plum said, her entire body shaking with anger.

Sue felt inexplicably gleeful.

Having lived under Plum's oppression over the years, Sue never had a chance to be herself.

In fact, upon knowing that Noel had taken over Sachs Enterprises, she could understand why she did

She had given birth to Noel and knew exactly what Noel was thinking—she wanted to be somebody
great whom everyone would bow down to and obey.

On the surface, however, Sue continued to put on an act and comforted Plum with feigned care and

"Actually, Mom, it's not that there isn't a way out with Cordy..." Plum looked at Sue.

"What do you mean?"

"Cordy is still part of the family.She doesn't actually have any use for the 10% of shares.Isn't it better for
her to sell it for money?!"

Sue suggested.

"She just needs a reason to do so.Back then, you were the one who cut off all ties with Cordy in front of
the media.As long as you retract that statement and explain to the media that you said what you said
previously out of anger, you can go back to Cordy, treat her nicely, and ask her to sell her shares back
to us."

"Sue Yorkman, are you trying to force me to my death? Iam Plum Lang, for goodness' sake.Won't it be
akin to slapping my own face if I were to retract my own statement?!"

Plum was furious.

"But we have no other way.You saw for yourself how determined Noel is, and none of us can convince
Noel otherwise.I, as her mother, want to teach her a lesson too, but I'm not capable enough.The only
way now is for you to put your dignity aside and beg Cordy for help."

Sue instigated her.

"I won't go.I'll beg Cordy over my dead body!"

Plum would never do something so beneath her.

"Then we'll just have to see Sachs Enterprises end up in Noel's hands." Sue sighed helplessly.She
stood up, getting ready to leave.


Plum gritted her teeth, knowing that she was a major reason for these things that had happened to
them thus far.

"I'll give Cordy a call."

"Cordy certainly wouldn't pick up the phone.If you're really sincere about it, I suggest that you see
Cordy face-to-face, which would appear more sincere," Sue said kind-heartedly.

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