Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 369

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Plum decided to come to a compromise eventually.

How could she allow Noel to climb all over their heads?! She was being completely unruly! As long as
she could get the shares back from Cordy, she would make hell for that wretched Noel.

Plum brought Sue along to Starstream Group's office building, where Cordy was in a meeting.

Because of some issues that cropped up at the last bid invitation, they had to regroup and replan things

The three companies that placed their bids gave up on them eventually.

They needed to call for bids again or alternatively, invest in their own manufacturing plant.

Due to the many factors they had to consider, the meeting took very long.

After the meeting ended and everyone filed out of the room, Vince whispered in Cordy's ears,
'Ms.Sachs, your grandmother is waiting for you in your office."

Cordy tensed up.

Vince immediately explained, "She kicked up a fuss at the reception and I couldn't interrupt you during
the meeting.To keep things in order in the office, I had no choice but to bring her to your office.You can

"All right, I got it." Cordy nodded.

She did not say anything further.

Vince had become more cautious compared to the past.

Even since the lawsuit which Vince felt partially responsible for, he swore to work even harder.

It was completely understandable that Vince was unable to make a firm decision where she did not
give clear instructions on, and it was pertaining to her family disputes.

Cordy walked into her office.

Plum, whose face had darkened with displeasure from waiting for Cordy for so long, immediately
plastered a smile on her face at the sight of Cordy's return.

"Cordy, you're finally done with your meeting.I didn't expect things to be so busy for you in a day..."

Plum walked up warmly, reaching out to hold Cordy's hand.

Cordy lifted her hand and walked directly to her desk, keeping her distance from them.She knew clearly
why Plum was here.She was surprised that Noel was able to take over Sachs Enterprises in such a
short time.She could figure it out after a moment's thought, however.

This was Jessica's reward to Noel.

Although she did not succeed this time, Noel was still valuable to her.

Thus, Jessica was willing to invest in her once more.

With that, Noel would become a puppet completely at Jessica's bidding.

Of course, that was Noel's own choice.

It was not her place to comment on her choices.

That was all there was to things.

She had originally wanted to teach Noel a lesson, but she suddenly felt that leaving things to blow up
internally in the Sachs household was a good outcome too.

It was time for the Sachs family to reap what they sowed.


Plum saw how nonchalant Cordy looked, but it did not stop her from sitting down before Cordy and
going on, "I was wrong to treat you in the way I did in the past.I feel so much regret right now,
especially upon seeing how ungrateful Noel has been.I had wronged you in the past and I was blinded
by the act that Noel had been putting up.Now that I've finally seen her true colors, I'm here to apologize
to you.I'm in the wrong, so please forgive me."

Cordy smiled and remained unmoved. She said plainly, "Okay."And then, nothing.Plum waited for a
long while, but she did not hear Cordy say anything further.

"Cordy," Plum called out once more.

Cordy ignored Plum, keeping her attention fixed on her computer screen.

‘l have a request to ask of you this time." Plum finally made her objective clear.

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