Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 370

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Cordy smiled faintly.

"You know that Noel has control over Sachs Enterprises right now, with only 1% more shares than your
father.You have 10% of Sachs Enterprises' shares, don't you? As long as you sell 2% of your shares to
your father, Noel wouldn't dare be so proud in Sachs Enterprises."

Anger rose in Plum's chest as she spoke, but she tried her best to suppress it as she said ingratiatingly
to Cordy, "Don't worry, I'll be fair to you this time.As long as you're willing to sell the shares to us, I can
buy it over from you at double the market price."

"No, thanks."

Cordy turned to look at Plum and said without any hesitation, "I won't sell it no matter how high the

"Cordy, it's not like you have any use for it keeping it around.If Sachs Enterprises really ends up in
Noel's hands, it might be doomed to decline.What's more, you're so busy with Starstream, how would
you have the time and energy to manage things in Sachs Enterprises..."

"It's my own problem whether I have the time or not.The shares were passed on to me from my mother
when she died.Even if Sachs Enterprises were to go bankrupt, I'll never sell it."

Cordy went on mercilessly, "As for whether Noel has the capability or not, honestly speaking, she'll
probably be better than Dad."

"Cordy Sachs!"

Plum could no longer hold back her temper and yelled out loud.

Cordy didn't even flinch, having long gotten used to being yelled at by her grandmother.

"Would you rather I go hard on you instead?!" Plum threatened.


Cordy could not be bothered.

"Believe it or not, I'll go out right this moment and tell reporters that you don't respect me and that you
abuse me? I'll tear your reputation to shreds!" Plum said through gritted teeth.

"Madam Lang." Cordy didn't even want to call her Grandmother. She was not fit for the address.

"Did you forget what you said to the reporters previously? You said that I no longer had anything to do
with the Sachs family, that the Sachs family will never come to me for help, and that you'll be thankful
as long as I don't hanker after the Sachs family's assets." Cordy mocked, "Don't worry, 1 am capable of
doing everything you said."


Plum knew she could do nothing to Cordy. In fact, she had expected Cordy to be difficult to talk to.

"I'm very busy."

Cordy didn't want to waste any more time talking to Plum.


"At your service."

Vince immediately walked in.

"Please send our guests out,"

Cordy instructed without any warmth in her voice.

"In the future, don't let any outsiders come in.If they cause trouble for you, just call the police."


Vince walked toward Plum and Sue.

"This way, please."

Plum looked viciously at Cordy and said, "Cordy, the tables will turn and one day you'll see how
powerful I can be!"

"Your words are better said to yourself, given your plight right now."

The moment she walked to the lobby of the building, she saw reporters waiting there.

Plum was taken aback.She had not called any reporters.

Sue sneered inwardly.She was the one who did it.

Plnm canid not bring herself to apologize ta Cordy in front of the media, as that would be akin to
indirectly slapping herself, but that was exactly what Sue wanted to force Plum to do.

She refused to believe that Cordy would still refuse to help even with that.

"Madam Sachs, what are you doing here at Starstream Group's office building?"

"Didn't you say thal Cordy Sachs nu longer has any ties with the Saclis family?"

"Didn't you say that the Sachs family will never seek Cordy's help? Are you here to beg her to help your
son to snatch back control of Sachs Enterprises?"

Plum's face was ashen with shock, and Sue whispered something in her ear. Plum hesitated for a
moment before falling backward.

Sue immediately held onto her, and all the reporters were shocked to see what had happened.

"Yes, today, my mother is indeed here to ask Cordy for help.She did say some harsh words to Cordy
previously, but Cordy is her granddaughter, after all, and that's no way to treat an elder.Not only did she
reject my mother's kind intentions, but she even...even .."

Sue's eyes welled up with tears, looking ever so sorrowful and helpless.

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