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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 371

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Chapter 371

The journalists were pestering them endlessly, and Sue answered reluctantly, “Cordy

Sachs was verbally abusive towards my mother-in-law. She even pushed her a couple

times and almost knocked her down. My mother’s already seventy, and certainly

couldn’t take it if I didn’t catch her… She’s very distraught, and it took her a long while

to calm down and leave. Please don’t disturb her-she just wanted the best for the

children, and for peace in the family.”

With that, she helped Plum leave.

The journalists didn’t dare to give chase, since Plum was indeed very old- no one

could afford the responsibility if she fainted again, or if something even worse


Cordy stood before the glass wall in her office, staring coolly as the journalists

downstairs dispersed.

To Vince, who was standing behind her, she said, “Go to security. Request for footage

of Plum Lang in my office, and send it to the media immediately.”

After all, Cordy would never hold back against the Sachs.

“Yes, Miss Sachs,” Vince replied respectfully.

In the afternoon, various media outlets were publishing articles of Cordy being

abusive towards her grandmother Plum Lang. The topic soon became trending.

Yet no sooner had it made it there, new articles refuting that appeared and promptly

shot to first place on hot searches.

The huge slap in the face reduced Plum to a joke. Almost immediately, everyone was

flaming her.

Things like ‘senile’, ‘wisdom doesn’t come with age’ and ‘just deserts’ were all amongst

the criticisms shot her way; they almost gave her a heart attack.

Angered, she slapped Sue across the first with the back of her palm, leaving a huge

crimson swell on the latter’s cheek.

Despite that, Plum remained absolutely livid; she was bent on venting all her

frustrations on Sue.

“You b*tch! You knew Cordy wouldn’t let me off easy, yet you still suggested

something so dumb! How will I show my face in public now?!”

Sue was just as livid.

Even after all these years, she would always be struck and scolded by Plum.

She was a person, not some dog!

She raised her hand and slapped Plum back, leaving the old woman dumbstruck.

Plum was once more livid; how dare Sue lay a finger on her!

Where did Sue get the guts?!

“I’ll kill you, Sue Yorkman!” Plum snarled, her expression vicious.

Before she could come good on her threat. Sue suddenly dropped on the floor beside

the tea table; appearing to be in great pain.

Plum didn’t even have time to realize what was happening when Simon started

bellowing out of nowhere, “Don’t you think you’ve troubled the family enough?!”

Plum turned towards him and quickly said, “Simon! She hit me!”

“Did she ever?!” Simon snapped, having completely lost his patience with Plum.

“She just did-”

“Simon, it’s alright. She’s just in a bad mood and wanted to vent. Please don’t blame

her,’ Sue said tearfully as she pushed herself off the floor, looking utterly feeble. “I’ve

told her not to go to Cordy, but she refused to listen and insisted Cordy would

definitely hear her out. The media had to report what happened, but she couldn’t take

it and…”

“Sue! You put me up to it! How dare you-”

“Enough!” Simon barked, not wanting any explanations from Plum. “What can you do

now aside from embarrassing everyone?! I wish it was you who died back then

instead of Dad! All you amount to is causing more trouble for me!”

“W-What?!” Plum never expected Simon to get so abusive.

Simon ignored her and barked, “Someone get in her! Lock her in her room, and make

sure she stays inside!’

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