Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 372

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Chapter 372

Plum was livid. “How dare you?!”

Simon didn’t even look her way, however, and turned to leave.

“You will pay for this, Simon!’ Plum shrieked, but she couldn’t stop the servants from

dragging her upstairs and shutting her in her own room.

No matter how she fought or screamed, no one cared.

Sue certainly felt cathartic upon seeing what befell Plum.

She was uneasy when Noel took control over Sachs Enterprises; to Sue, it was

rightfully Sonny Sachs’s. However, using that to trample all over Plum wasn’t so bad


After all, Noel was her own daughter. She doubted that Noel had no attachment

towards her mother.

Cordy was working in her office at Starstream Group when Vince knocked on the

door, saying, “Miss Sachs? There’s a Mr. Patrick Stuart here to see you.”

Patrick who?!

“He said he wanted to discuss investing in Starstream High Fashion,” Vince


Cordy remained silent.

With the invitation to tender before falling through, she had come to an initial

agreement with the board at the meeting in the morning that they would keep

investing in their company. While the risk was huge and capital management would be

precarious, it also meant their sales and operations were independent without

involving third parties. With management rights in their own hands, operations would

go more than smoothly.

Even so…

“Show him in.” Cordy said. She was convinced that people in business should not

reject any opportunities.

Soon, a man in a black suit entered.

He had an erect gait and projected an impressive presence. While he was not exactly

handsome, one would still notice him in a crowd.

“Miss Sachs,” Patrick greeted her politely, offering a handshake.

Cordy rose to her feet in turn. “Mr. Stuart.”

They had a polite exchange as they took their seats, and Cordy asked, “I heard from

my secretary that you’re interested in Starstreams High Fashion?”

“I am,” Patrick replied.

“Why me? You ought to know that I’m constantly hounded with scandals, which was

why my previous partners decided to pull out,” she said bluntly.

A man who came knocking on her door would know everything before coming, and it

was unnecessary for her to hide it.

Honesty was a prerequisite to a partnership, after all.

“Opportunities only come in business if you ride the storm, Miss Sachs. Moreover, I’ve

seen your designs myself—I’m convinced you have what it takes to succeed.” Patrick

smiled, but his tone was determined.

“In that case, may I ask for an introduction to your company, Mr. Stuart?” Cordy


“Of course,” Patrick said as he took out a dossier from his briefcase.”

That’s the company I own-it’s nothing impressive, but we don’t lack money. N

Cordy stared at him.

Rarely could anyone speak of money so lightly!

“Fair enough,” Cordy replied, her eyes still on the dossier as she asked nonchalantly,

“What’s your relationship with the Stuarts of Rocktown?”

Patrick’s lips curled into a smile. “Now that you mention it… I guess Jessica Stuart

could be considered my cousin.”

Cordy’s eyes narrowed as he continued, ’Her grandfather is my grandfather’s brother.

You should be aware that half of the Stuarts are in business, while the rest are in

politics, yes? I’m one of the latter.”

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