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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

It was now December, and full-blown winter in North City.

Sam Saunders’s birthday was on the twelfth, and it was a grand occasionaside from

his usual friends, every important figure in North City was there.

Cordy was invited too—she had been working hard on taking Starstream High

Fashion to the market, so she used the occasion to take a breather.

She strode through the banquet hall in a subtle but elegant gown, and saw Quinn in

the distance. Quinn had her hand around Sam’s arm, and was mingling with their


Cordy never saw Quinn wear red before, since she usually dressed conservatively as

a lawyer. Thus, Quinn’s red gown was especially striking.

And for some reason, she certainly looked like she belonged at Sam’s side —she was

almost the epitome of a trophy wife.

“Cordy,1 the familiar voice of a man called out just then, and Cordy turned to find Jay

standing beside her.

He seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and his fair face actually appeared pale now.

“Long time no see,” she greeted him.

“Yes.” Jay smiled politely.

Cordy felt a pain in her chest-Jay actually fared much better than Zoe did, but there

was just this feeling that he was in pieces.

“Johnny’s here,” Jay told her, his eyes on the doorway.

Cordy turned as well, to find John and Jessica appearing together at the banquet hall.

The next second, Jay saw Cordy walking off into the distance.

Stepping out into the garden at the back, Cordy was having a breather on the swing

while musing to herself that socializing with business partners was really dull.

However, she had to take part.

Cordy turned and saw Quinn stepping out as well. “Cordy.”

Cordy smiled. ‘Tired already?”

“Yeah. Feels like my leg could fall off,” Quinn said bluntly as she sat on the swing next

to Gordy’s. “I’m really not used to high-heels.”

“Take them off, let your feet breathe. I used to do that too,” Cordy told her.

Quinn looked around before she did, and she couldn’t have felt better with her shoes


“Zoe’s been doing well lately,” Quinn told her just then.

“She’s stronger than we give her credit for.” Cordy grinned, nodding.

“Yeah,’ Quinn agreed, breathing a sigh of relief.

Still, their small talk was soon interrupted as a man Cordy didn’t recognize showed up.

She had the feeling she had seen him before, but was somehow positive she did not.

“So you were hiding here,” the man said to Quinn with a tender tone.

Cordy seemed to feel Quinn stiffening right then.

So, him and her…

“It’s getting cold out here, Quinn. I’m going back inside,’ Cordy said tactfully.

Quinn nodded.

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