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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 376

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Chapter 376

Cordy stared at Patrick, and then admitted, *1 have no guarantee that I can be helpful

in your campaign against Jessica Stuart. The best thing I can do at the moment is to

improve the value of our partnership.”

“And that’s enough,” Patrick replied. “If you’re going for something big, rushing things

would only ruin everything, even your previous achievements.”

“Well, shouldn’t I at least report our business strategy?”

“It’s fine,” he said. “I’m just an investor. You have full authority on the rest.”

“Of course.” Cordy did not press him, since he was mostly involved in politics and

wasn’t exactly learned in business.

“If you don’t mind, may I buy you dinner to celebrate our partnership?” Patrick offered.

“Sorry, but I’ll be busy for the next couple days,” Cordy refused. “I’m picking up my

son from school.”

“Well then, I shan’t impose,” Patrick said politely, his fine upbringing and considerate

nature obvious. “Here’s my number. Do keep in touch.”


Patrick left after they exchanged contact methods, and William’s side of the family

received word as soon as he left.

Jessica was scowling terribly, just like her brother James. “What’s the point of

securing a partnership with Cordy Sachs?”

James growled, “He obviously wants a venture into business. He probably thinks he

could walk over us if he does!”

He smiled in contempt; Monty Stuart’s health was declining, after all.

It was certainly a stark contrast to William Stuart’s activeness in capital politics, which

was slowly pulling the family’s support to their side. There was no way Patrick could

turn the tables—and certainly not now!

“Still, Cordy Sachs? He could’ve asked anyone else! Does he really think she could

help him secure a foothold in business? He gives her too much credit!” Jessica was

certainly prejudiced against Cordy.

“She’s not to be underestimated,” William suddenly spoke, and both siblings were

immediately respectful.

Turning towards them, he added, ‘Otherwise, she would’ve been behind bars by now.”

Jessica hung her head in embarrassment, but James quickly defended her. “That’s

mainly because John Levine was helping her in secret!”

“And that’s why that man is the key,” William growled coolly. “As long as he doesn’t

marry Jessica, our foothold will remain shaky. The way I see it, Patrick approached

Cordy because he intends to draw John to his cause. It is a fine move on his part!”

“But John isn’t giving in, and we really shouldn’t push him—”

“It’s time I speak with Alan again. This knot must be tied.” William’s eyes narrowed

viciously, his gaze so sharp anyone who saw it would feel a child down their spine.

A week later, John headed straight to Cordy’s home the instant he returned to North


It was already ten in the evening, and Cordy had just coaxed Dicky to sleep.

She was surprised to see John standing at the doorway and obviously looking tired,

but quickly explained, “Dicky’s asleep. You or Winston can pick him up after school

tomorrow.” “We need to talk,” he said, staring sharply at her despite his tired


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