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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

However, John slept for a while.

When Cordy turned to look at the clock on the wall, she saw that it was already past

midnight-if he kept sleeping, she wouldn’t be getting up in time for work.

Saving her documents, she shut her laptop and walked towards him, calling out,

“Wake up, John.”

His brow furrowed, and he appeared a little agitated.

“It’s very late. You need to go to bed right now-oh!”

Cordy yelped as she ended up beneath John in a split second, and was pressed into

the couch.

Before she could react, his warm lips were pressing firmly against hers…


Cordy fought back, but he was too strong for her; he held her so firmly, she couldn’t


She had the feeling if he kept this up, he would smother her completely.

Narrowing her eyes right then, she bit John on the lip; the taste of blood immediately

swirled between their jaws.

John seemed to come to his senses, and finally saw Cordy’s dainty figure beneath

him; her face was flushed in anger as she glared at him.

“You’re finally awake. Now get off—umph!”

He kissed her again, but his savagery turned into tenderness in almost a split second.

Cordy felt as if it was a completely different man…and almost spaced out.

The next second, she wiggled as hard as she could to free herself from him.

He eventually released her, and was left staring at her look of disdain as she growled

his name through clenched teeth!


She was clearly furious; yet for some reason, John was laughing. He was even

looking at the blood on his lips.

Cordy simply turned away-that pretty face wouldn’t work on her ever again.

“Sorry,” John apologized. Whenever he did, however, Cordy knew it was just lip


“Get off me,” she growled coolly.

He got off her soft body.

While he was asleep just now, he had a nightmare-Cordy was getting further and

further away…

The despair left him losing control the instant he woke up, and he still felt lingering

fear as he remembered it.

Still, he quietly hid his feelings while Cordy urged him, “It’s time you leave.”

“Where’s my pasta?’ he asked.

“It’s paste now. Or would you eat it anyway?” Cordy shot at him.

Unable to come up with anything, he was forced to leave.

Cordy followed, and slammed the door shut in his face before he could say a single


She really, really didn’t want to see him at all.

John’s eyes narrowed-it seemed he must hurry things along!

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