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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

Marvin Saunders, Sam’s father, promptly snapped at him. His tone was severe as he

said, “Watch your language! You’re talking to your own brother here!”

“It’s alright,” Ryan said nonchalantly. “Sam’s always been like that. Even after all these

years, he never changed.”

“You’re the pride of our parents. No matter how I change, I’d always be less than you,”

Sam retorted self-deprecatingly. “Anyway, it’s rare for the family to gather, so take your

time to catch up. My friends are over there, so I’m going.”

“Sam!” Marvin huffed despite his rage. Still, he wasn’t really going to lash out in front

of so many guests.

There was no question they shared the same parents, but the brothers were

completely different. Ryan had always been smart and understanding, never giving

anyone a reason to worry. The only time he rebelled was when he left Saunderia to

pursue a career in scientific research. Lindsay and Marvin had been reluctant, but

they were reluctant to stop him from fulfilling his ambitions especially when it was in

service to the nation. Ultimately, Ryan gained their support.

On the other hand, Sam never bothered studying and often got into fights as a child.

Often, Lindsay and Marvin would be summoned to school. He didn’t bother working

when he got older either, and cared only about drinking or chasing skirts. There was

no telling how horrible things would get if they entrusted Saunderia to him!

They could only count on Quinn, who hopefully could help Sam manage Saunderia.

“Are you coming or not?” Sam asked Quinn, but she wasn’t as willful as he was-she

certainly would not leave when the family was together.

“Guess not,” Sam scoffed, and left on his own.

He made his way to John, who was with Jessica, Bob, and Jay.

Cordy seemed to have left.

“Oh, if it isn’t the birthday boy!” Bob teased.

Sam shot him a look. “And here I thought you won’t be coming. Where’s your


“She’s shy.”

“Heh,” Sam snorted.

“By the way, is that your brother? The prodigy who left in service to the country,

making his return?” Bob asked as he slid a peek at Ryan.

Sam completely ignored that, and Bob grinned. “Still jealous of him all these years?”

“My foot,’ Sam growled grumpily.

“Ah, so I touched a nerve,” Bob chuckled.

“That’s enough from you!” Sam snapped, lifting a fist and launching a punch at Bob,

Though it was a light-hearted jab between friends, Bob winced when he stopped it.


Sam was at a loss of words—that was too kinky for a yelp, and it was just skin contact

at best! “You’re really becoming a b*tch after you got yourself a girlfriend, huh?”

“My hand’s hurt,” Bob explained, and showed everyone the cuts on his fingers.

“Just a flesh wound,” Sam scoffed. “What happened?”

“Cooking with my girlfriend.”

Sam was left glaring at him, but Bob was grinning in bliss. “What? It’s called setting

the mood, get it? Neither of us can cook, so we’re learning to do it together. People

like you who live their lives between their legs would never get it.”

John glanced at Jay, who remained silent to the end.

“Yes, I don’t-but neither does anyone else,” Sam snorted. “Do you get it? John? Jay?”

“I do, actually,” Jessica spoke, since neither John nor Jay were answering.” It’s nice to

cook with someone you’re fond of.”

Bob naturally felt cathartic hearing that, but didn’t respond since it was Jessica.

It left her a little awkward, but knowing that John’s friends clearly didn’t think highly of

her, she said mildly, “It’s late, Jonny. Let’s go home-you’re coming to Rocktown with

me tomorrow, after all.”

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