Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 383

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Chapter 383

It was very late in the night when Sam finally returned home, the stench of alcohol

swirling around him.

However, he opened his room to find Quinn sitting there, waiting for him.

He checked the time-twice, but it was definitely 2:30am, and he even had to send a

drunken Jay home before coming back.

So what was Quinn doing here, instead of sleeping in her own room?!

She was an early riser just like his parents, which was why they slept in different


Their parents forbade it at first, but he returned so late that Quinn’s sleep cycle was

severely affected, so they had to give in.

In their parents’ eyes, he was a lost cause; they could never hope for him to change.

“Did you have the wrong room?” Sam scoffed, raising a brow and sneering.” My

brother’s room is next door.”

Quinn’s face dropped, but she quickly hid it.

His mouth had always been that foul, so there was nothing to get upset about.

She remained there, and Sam frowned in turn. “Aren’t you going to move?”

Snorting, he started to take off his clothes right in front of her.

Quinn blinked, and quickly averted her eyes.

Sam chuckled and headed into the bathroom.

When he came out in a loose bathrobe, he found that Quinn was still sitting in his


“What do you want?” He demanded, a little angry. “Trying to haunt me this late at

night? Get out. I’m going to bed.”

“Your parents want us to have a child,’ Quinn suddenly said.

Sam was taken aback, but soon flipped out. “Do I look like a tool to you?! Absolutely


“You’re 29. Any older, and you won’t be producing as much.”

“Quinn…” Sam’s temper flared, almost giving him a stroke.

Quinn got up and walked over to him—she was in a white bathrobe too, with nothing


However, her sash was tight and her lapels kept straightened, so she looked quite


Sam watched as she approached him, feeling nervous for some reason.

However, he soon bellowed furiously, “Stop! Are you this upset over my brother

getting a girlfriend? Don’t you remember how you pushed me away on our wedding


Quinn bit her lip-it was certainly too much for her at the time, but as time went by, she

slowly became more accepting.

And yet, she didn’t remember Sam to be one who held a grudge for that.

“It has nothing to do with Ryan,” Quinn explained. “I just think we really should have a

child by now.”

“I said no-”

Sam’s eyes widened as he watched Quinn suddenly stand on her toes and kiss him,

but she was not tall enough and only reached his Adam’s Apple.

Such was the pain of almost a foot’s difference in height.

Sam gulped, his body obviously stiffening.

That was when Quinn said, “Can I turn off the lights?” “Guess you’re aware that your

figure is lacking,” Sam snorted. Quinn didn’t argue.

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