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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 382

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Chapter 382

“Yeah/ John replied, and turned towards Sam. “I’m going now.”

Sam nodded, knowing that John had been under a lot of stress lately.

However, Bob was in a hurry to leave after John, leaving Sam speechless. Sam

stared at him and asked, ’Why would you want to leave so early?

Come with me for some drinks after this.”

“I’ll pass. I need to go home soon to keep my girlfriend company. I’m worried she’d get


“Could you stop being such a sucker in love? It’s disgusting.”

“That’s called sour grapes, Sammy boy/ Bob retorted nonchalantly.

Sam was at a loss for words. “Fine, f*ck off.”

Bob couldn’t care less, since he was genuinely happy.

Still, just as Bob was about to go, Sam stopped him. ’Wait.”

Bob rolled his eyes. “Look. I’m not going clubbing—’

“Here,” Sam said, suddenly whipping out two band-aids.

Bob’s eyes widened so much his eyeballs could have fallen out. “Why’d you carry

these around? Are you gay, Sam? Please dont tell me you like me…”

“Shut up,” Sam snapped. “Now go home to the missus.”

Bob took the band-aids, but somehow felt a child running down his spine.

After he was gone, Sam turned towards Jay. “Are you going to be busy too? N

“No. Let’s go for drinks once you’re done here.’

Sam actually thought he was hearing things-the least outgoing of them just said yes to

hanging out with him?!

Jay most certainly had been behaving unusually lately.

Still, Sam did not say no, and left with Jay before the banquet was over.

Marvin was incensed-he may have two sons, but one left him hanging his head even if

he could brag about the other to no end.

After seeing off the guests, Quinn returned to Saunders Mansion with the rest of the


On the way home, Lindsay was telling her earnestly, “Quinn, it’s been three years

since you married Sam. Haven’t you considered having a child?”

Quinn froze.

A child? They never even shared a room!

Lindsay sighed, sounding even less confident as she continued. “I know it’s unfair that

you have to marry Sam…but he really shouldn’t keep fooling around. But people often

said that men would gain a sense of responsibility once they have a child, so he just

might shape up after that.”

“As for Ryan… He has his heart and soul in his research, and I don’t expect a child

from him even if he did bring his girlfriend to the banquet just now. Saunderia’s too big

a company to go heirless, but you know I can’t pin my hopes on Sam—no, I’d rather

entrust it to the next generation.’

Quinn understood their reasoning, and they had been very nice to her

Nodding, Quinn said, “Okay. I’ll talk to Sam… If he has no issues, we’ll try to have a

child soon.”

“Thank you, Quinn,” Lindsay said, though she sounded feeble and unhappy.

The Saunders had long since considered Sam a lost cause and had absolutely no

hope in him.

In fact, it wasn’t just them—Quinn wholly agreed with that assessment too.

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