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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 380

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Chapter 380

As Cordy got up and left, Quinn shot her a grateful look.

But as Cordy turned around as she left, she seemed to catch a glimpse of the tears in

Quinn’s eyes under the dim light of the back garden.

“It’s been years. You’re a lady now,” the man chuckled, his voice still tender.

Quinn bit her lip; it was a while until she greeted him. ’ Ryan.”

“I thought you’d forgotten about me,” Ryan Saunders grinned. “It’s cold out here-let’s

go in.”

Quinn arched her back to pick up her shoes, but he stopped her. “No.”

He dropped to a crouch and picked them up for her, his long fingers holding up her

feet as she put them on.

Amidst the silence between them, a neutral voice that carried a hint of sarcasm rang.

“That might be inappropriate contact with your younger brother’s wife, y’know.”

Both of them turned to find Sam nearby, staring down at them with his advantage in


“I always thought of Quinn as a younger sister, even now,” Ryan argued.

“But she’s my wife and your sister in law,” Sam retorted sternly, a stark contrast to his

usual half-baked bearing. “I should do that instead.

As he spoke, he walked up to them.

Ryan’s fingers twitched, but he put the shoes down on the ground, got up and left.

“By the way, your girlfriend’s looking for you in the banquet hall,’ Sam added with

disdain. “It’s the first time she visited us, and she doesn’t know anyone here. You

should really be sticking with her.”

Ricky said nothing as he strode off.

Sam turned towards Quinn, smiling with contempt as he saw her clear surprise.

“What, is it that hard to believe that my brother has a girlfriend?”

Quinn came to her senses right then, and quickly hid all her feelings.

She had always acted like a tool to Sam, after all.

He chuckled coolly and started to turn to leave, but soon paused and wheeled on her.

“Aren’t you coming? What, did you really think I’d help you with your shoes?!’

Quinn certainly never expected that.

Not only did they feel nothing for each other, but Sam also hated her since she was a


She knew that, but she had to marry him because of her family’s troubles.

As such, she quickly put on her shoes, but winced as she got up, gasping audibly.

She rarely wore high-heels, which was scraping off skin on her heels.

Sam turned towards her again, sliding one hand elegantly into his trousers pocket

while frowning coolly at Quinn.

No one could see his fingers clenching in his pocket.

Quinn was no delicate flower either, and was soon withstanding the pain to keep up

with Sam and returned to the hall.

Things were still lively inside.

Quinn usually wouldn’t attend social events together with Sam unless it was a family

occasion, let alone stay so close.

They made their way towards the rest of the Saunders, where Lindsay Pond -Sam’s

mother, was overjoyed that her eldest son returned.

There was a woman beside Ryan too, smiling sweetly as she stood with him.

Lindsay promptly beckoned at them. ’Sam, Quinn, over here! Ryan came back to

celebrate your birthday, Sam!”

Sam led Quinn towards them nonchalantly, and said rather ambiguously,’ To think an

important man like my brother who serves the country would spare time for my

birthday… I’m certainly shocked.”

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