Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 384

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Chapter 384

Quinn pulled her dainty hand out from beneath Sam’s bathrobe, but when she turned

to get the lights, Sam suddenly scooped her up in his arms.

Quinn was startled-he was over six foot tall and a behemoth to her, and it felt like he

could crush her when he was on top of her.

As he started leaning towards her lips, she suddenly turned away, avoiding his touch,

leaving him frowning.

“What’s this? Trying to be slut and saint at the same time?” Sam scoffed.

“You don’t kiss to make children,’ Quinn retorted.

“So we’re just mating?”

“Procreating,” Quinn said, trying to make it sound nicer.

“F*ck that!” Sam bellowed, shaking with rage as he got off her. “You love Ryan, don’t

you? Go have his kid instead! It’d be a child of the Saunders family anyway, so it

doesn’t matter!”


“I’m telling you, Quinn,” he snarled. ‘I’m not that desperate. I’m not interested in a

piece of wood like you, so get out.”

Quinn sighed, exhausted-she was used to Sam throwing a fit from time to time.

But even if he was clearly more upset than usual, she didn’t get up.

As such, he grabbed her like he was grabbing some animal and threw her out of his

room, before slamming the door shut with a loud bang.

The whole mansion seemed to shake from the impact. Quinn simply rubbed her

aching rump and straightened her clothes.

She had a hunch that things wouldn’t go smoothly tonight, since Sam never was


As she got up, however, a large fair hand was held out before her.

She looked up at Ryan, and slowly reached for it.

After he helped her up, she apologized, “Sorry if I woke you.’

He replied, “No, I wasn’t asleep. Time difference, remember?”

He had been working overseas before being informed that he could work locally.

Still, he suddenly asked, “Are things like this with Sam after so many years?”

“I’m used to it,” Quinn replied—she didn’t want to lie to Ryan, but she was reluctant to

have him think that things were bad for her.

“Sorry. Back then, if I hadn’t—”

“It’s in the past,” Quinn smiled. “Anyway, it’s late. I should go to bed.”

“Let me walk you there.” Ryan offered.

As they strode along the walkway, however, Sam saw them the instant he opened the



He shut his door as forcefully as he could once more, startling Quinn and leaving her

flinching; Ryan quickly put a hand over Quinn’s shoulder.

Quinn’s heart skipped a beat, but she slowly pushed him away.

Left a little awkward, he stammered, “I just…’

“It’s nothing,” Quinn replied, and headed for her door.

Before she could go in, Ryan suddenly explained, “The woman who came with me

wasn’t my girlfriend. She’s just the daughter of my colleague, and I was asked to take

care of her before he returns next month.”

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