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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

Quinn’s tears trickled down her cheeks and landed gently on the floor.

She didn’t remember how long it had been since she cried—she had become

accepting of many things as she aged.

That was certainly the case when she remained nonchalant, despite Sam throwing

her out of his room.

But at that very moment, the sense of humiliation cut her to the quick; she was

overwhelmed endlessly by the disgrace and denial of dignity.

She really, really hated Sam… She hated him ever since they were children!

Jay was woken up by a call, asking to confirm a filming session later that day.

His career hadn’t been affected much despite his departure from the Levine familythey were certainly
much nicer to him than Zoe ever was.

Still, he couldn’t fall asleep after being woken, and he felt a throbbing headache that

hurt terribly.

Alcohol was terrible. Period.

It couldn’t even help you forget your pain. In fact, it exacerbated the agony!

He lay in bed and checked the group chat, and saw Bob and Sam’s conversation.

Tears started to roll off her cheeks as he read it, though he didn’t realize it.

Soon, it was afternoon. Jay headed for the filming session within an apartment block.

It was an outdoor set. The weather was a little cold and misty, and it looked like it

would rain at any moment.

Jay had the actors and actresses rehearse while he walked around to find the ideal


That was when he spotted a familiar figure, carrying shopping bags full of what looks

like cooking ingredients.

She was dressed in layers from head to toe, so anyone would have trouble

recognizing her.

But as she turned towards him, he quickly lowered his head, pretending as if he was

having a discussion with his film crew.

Zoe was buying some food ingredients from the mall when she noticed a film crew at

her apartment block; she saw Jay almost instantly.

He wasn’t wearing layers-just a brown cardigan, and was therefore a little

conspicuous in the crowd.

She didn’t linger either and simply left right in front of Jay, thinking that he wouldn’t

recognize her because of her appearance.

Naturally, she didn’t think they were close enough to warrant a greeting either.

After she was gone, Jay looked up and stared at her, clearly out of it.

“Mr. Parker?’ A film crew called out.

“Yes,” Jay replied, quickly coming back to his senses. “Alright, let’s get ready for


The session lasted until late at night. As the film crew wrapped up, a crew approached

Jay and asked, “Would you like a ride, Mr. Parker?”

“It’s fine, I’m driving-1 still have something to do here, so I’ll leave later.”

“Alright. We’ll be going now.”

Soon, the entire film crew had left, leaving Jay alone on a bench in the apartment


North City was cold in December, and even more so in the evening.

Jay, however, did not seem to feel it.

Upstairs, Zoe sat by the window, watching until the film crew packed up. Then, she

put on layers, dressing exactly like before but also disguising her face before heading


Bob was busy and had to go home in the afternoon, while she was craving the apple

pie from the stall opposite the apartment. It wasn’t that late into the night yet, so

traveling alone wasn’t at all dangerous.

She headed downstairs; since it was really cold, she kept her head lowered as she


She didn’t notice the man sitting at the bench at all, whereas Jay appeared a little

flustered when he saw her come out.

His eyes started to dart everywhere, but he had nowhere to look.

He was so nervous his hands were clenching into knuckles. However, Zoe simply

walked past him without noticing him.

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