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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 392

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Chapter 392

Throughout the entire month, Cordy never met John, or received his call or text.

Naturally, she was expecting none of that either.

She had actually been busy as the Startstream High Fashion made a relatively easy

venture into the market and drew plenty of attention. Their sales were rising by the

day, and Starstream Group’s stock market value was in turn increasing like clockwork,

catching up and even surpassing many other elite enterprises of North City. Naturally,

they still had a long way from the top since those were legacies forged over multiple


But one way or another, her rise was meteoric, and most amongst business circles

touted her as the finest dark horse over the last decade.

However, she also knew all too well that the widespread acclaim was nothing good.

She always understood the principle that too much attention was never good, and

even had a suspicion of a certain someone deliberately dragging her to the spotlight.

Naturally, she had to play along since she had no control over the situation —she had

an obligation towards herself and her partners now.

In the month since she partnered with Patrick Stuart, they had often kept in touch

online since he was rarely in North City. She would often submit business

management plans and revenue reports to him punctually, and they became familiar

with each other thanks to their contact.

After Cordy submitted her weekly revenue report for the week, Patrick called her,

asking straight to the point, “Would you come to Rocktown?” It was after they made

contact that she found out he was a swift and decisive man despite his polite

appearance. He valued time more than most, and never dragged his feet when it

comes to taking action.

“What?” Cordy asked nonetheless.

“My grandfather’s interested in seeing you.”

“Why?” Cordy was taken aback.

“He’s just interested in you.” Patrick chuckled.

Cordy was not amused. “Our partnership is built around creating value in the market,

and toppling a common foe in Jessica Stuart. I wasn’t told that you’d be involving


“Don’t worry. My grandfather doesn’t bite.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to refuse,” Cordy insisted.

“Actually, Jessica’s side of the family would be holding a charity ball in the city,”

Patrick suddenly said. “If my hunch is right, she’ll invite you too.”

Cordy raised a brow. “And I must be there?”

“If there’s nothing stopping them until then, her family would formally announce her

wedding date with John Levine.”

“Well, since it’s now set in stone, I guess you should give up on separating them,”

Cordy said calmly. “Why not focus on our partnership instead? We might be able to

turn the tables with our rising market value.”

“You’re right about that-you’re far more formidable than I gave you credit for, and we’d

definitely establish a foothold in business if our partnership remained solid,” Patrick

said in praise, though his tone soon changed sharply. “That said, it ain’t over till the fat

lady sings. There always will be a chance to turn things around, and I’m not inclined to

give up just yet.”

“In that case, you should do what you like,” Cordy replied, not interested in saying


Patrick wasn’t either, and they both hung up.

There was a knock on Cordy’s door just then, and Vince entered, greeting her

respectfully. “We just received an invitation from the Stuarts to a charity ball in

Rocktown. It will be held next Saturday, at 7 p.m.”

Cordy read the invitation, to find it was signed by William Stuart himself.

Since it was a personal invitation from that old man, she would be labeled tactless if

she refused.

That was probably why Patrick was convinced she would be there anyway.

Her phone rang, and she frowned when she saw the caller ID: John Levine.

He was gone for a month…or maybe not? There had been traces of him in various

news, mostly of him in the company of Jessica.

It was why Cordy knew that he had been in Rocktown over the past month, at

Jessica’s side.

Nonetheless, she answered his call.

“Did you receive the Stuarts’ invitation?” John asked immediately.

“I did,” Cordy replied.

“Don’t come,” John said, loudly and clearly

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