Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 391

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Chapter 391

Fortunately, Jay only had flesh wounds—the car was stopped in time, and the collision

was slight.

He had bled a lot on the ground, but his vitals were fine. However, his doctor insisted

he stay the night at the hospital for observation.

Having issued his instructions, the doctor left, leaving just Jay and Zoe alone.

Zoe placed all the bills, papers and medication on top of his bedside drawer, saying,

‘These are your receipts for admittance, and some of the medicine you need to take

and apply. Also, your phone’s broken.”

Jay stared at her then, with a distant and estranged gaze.

“Do you want to borrow my phone to call the Levines?” Zoe asked, holding out her

phone to him.

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

Zoe didn’t push him either, since he never liked to bother the Levines. After all, he had

to keep up his appearance to not cause them trouble.

“Do you need a care worker?” Zoe asked.

Jay refused. ‘No. It’s not that serious.”

“Okay,” Zoe nodded. “I’m leaving if there’s nothing else.”

But as she turned to leave, Jay called out, “Zoe.”

Zoe turned towards him, and he told her, “You should get your palm checked.”

When he pushed her away, she had dropped to the floor on her hands, leaving it

reddish from contact on the ground.

“I know,* she replied.

“Right now, you-’

Zoe’s phone suddenly started to ring, and Jay quickly stopped himself.

Answering the call, Zoe then asked, “You’re here already?”

Her lips curled up in a smile, and it was a stark contrast to how she behaved around


He averted his eyes, even as he listened to her talk over the phone.

After she hung up and put her phone away, she asked him, “What were you trying to

say just now?”

“Nothing,” Jay replied, shaking his head.

Zoe frowned slightly, so Jay said, “It’s a little late. You should be careful on your way


“My boyfriend’s coming to get me,” Zoe said bluntly.

Though Jay was obviously aware that she was with Bob now, there was still this burst

of pain that erupted on his chest when she mentioned ’ boyfriend’. It caught him off

guard, and it hurt so much he could not breathe.

Nonetheless, Jay smiled, “Okay.”

Staring at his faint smile, Zoe asked, “It pleases you to know that I have a boyfriend


Still, she smiled too. “You finally rid yourself of a major headache.’

“Actually, I-’

“Don’t worry, I’m doing better than you or I would imagine. Come to think of it now, all

my stubbornness before was not with it.”

Zoe spoke ever so calmly, even though she was spilling her guts.

Jay listened in silence, but could still hear the contempt she had for him despite her

calm tone.

And after she had her say, she left without looking back.

He watched as she went, his vision blurring in turn.

It was soon a month after Sam’s birthday.

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