Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

Cordy didn’t chase Jay away after lunch, nor did he volunteer to leave.

He stayed on the couch, watching the television while Cordy worked in her study.

It was an amicable sight, though Jay had been yawning many times as he sat on the


He would never admit to himself that he had been losing sleep, even going sleepless

on occasion.

Still, he shouldn’t be this sleepy…

Deciding that television might be too boring, he whipped out his phone to browse

through videos and news articles, which were all obsessing over the Stuarts’ charity

ball tonight.

Even as he browsed through everything, Jay’s eyelid was drooping; he soon fell

asleep with his phone still in his hand.

Cordy stepped out of her study and watched as Jay lay on the couch, his breathing

turning rhythmic.

She had spiked his pasta with sleeping pills-she had some ready in her house, since

she lost sleep on occasion too.

Still, the pills worked faster than she expected. She had been under the impression

that it would take at least thirty minutes to even an hour to knock out Jay.

He probably hadn’t been sleeping well, and the pills do work quicker when the person

was tired.

“Jay?” Cordy called out tentatively.

He frowned, but didn’t respond.

His head felt so heavy, he couldn’t open his eyes at all.

After confirming that he was out, Cordy made her way to the front door and took a

deep breath before opening it out of the blue, looking panicked as she cried

desperately, “Get in here! Jay suddenly fainted!”

The two bodyguards outside traded glances, but otherwise didn’t react.

As such, Cordy put more urgency in her tone. “Get in here, right now! We need to take

him to the hospital! Who’s going to take responsibility if anything happens to him?!”

Before they could consider that, Cordy had already reached out to pull them in. They

followed her inside to see Jay lying motionlessly on the couch.

“Mr. Parker?” one of the bodyguards called out to him.

Jay frowned-he seemed to hear someone calling him, but his eyelids were just too

heavy even if he was doing his best to try and get up.

At the same time, Cordy kept urging them. “What are you spacing out for? Take him to

the hospital already! If it’s a stroke, he could die if he can’t get help in time!”

Seeing that there was really no waking Jay, a bodyguard quickly picked him up.

Cordy started to follow when they were about to leave, but the other bodyguard

stopped her. “You can’t leave, Miss Sachs.”

“No, I’m coming with-where do you think I’d go? I’d be worried if only one of you sent

Jay to the hospital, since anything could happen. Let’s go together. I won’t be able to

run!” Cordy snapped, not bothered to say more at that. She promptly followed the

other bodyguard out of her apartment.

The other bodyguard was taken aback, hesitating for a moment before following them.

They headed to the car park, with one bodyguard driving while the other stayed with

Cordy and Jay in the backseat.

Jay’s brow had been constantly furrowed; obviously, he was trying to wake himself.

Since the sleeping pills would work little over a couple hours at best, Cordy’s fingers

were clenching over her phone in apprehension.

The car was moving rather quickly as they rushed to the hospital, until it suddenly

screeched to a halt.

Cordy quickly shielded Jay-it was enough that she had drugged him, so she didn’t

want him to get hurt.

“What is it?” The bodyguard in the backseat asked.

“A car ran the red light. We almost crashed.”

“Ignore them. Just keep going.”

However, just as the bodyguard tried to restart the car ignition…

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