Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

Jay said, “Johnny would never hurt you.”

“Well, he’s really testing the limits of my patience!” Cordy snapped, and shut the door

violently in his face.

Jay pursed his lips; he could see Cordy’s rage.

He wasn’t sure if John would ever earn Cordy’s forgiveness from this.

Behind the door, Cordy’s heart was ablaze even as she repeatedly told herself to calm

down and think of a way to leave.

She wasn’t about to let anyone do whatever they wanted to her, let alone someone

like John!

Her eyes narrowing, she called Patrick.

“What time are you arriving? I’ll be there to receive you,’ he said, as forthright as ever.

“I can’t make it. There’s people stopping me.”

Patrick paused for a moment, but soon asked, “John Levine?”


“And you need my help.”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll be right there,” Patrick said without hesitation.


Cordy hung up, pinning all her hopes on Patrick.

When Cordy opened her door in the afternoon, Jay was still standing outside along

with the bodyguards, keeping a respectful distance.

“Come in,” she told Jay.

He simply stared at her, so she said, “For lunch.”

“Okay.” Jay did not reject her, and entered her house.

“I can only make pasta, and nothing else. Is that okay with you?” Cordy asked.

“Thank you.”

Cordy made two bowls’ worth, and they both sat on the same table, observing proper

manners as they ate.

“You left the Levines?” Cordy asked nonchalantly.


“You shouldn’t have. It’s certainly not happening now.”

“It’s all water under the bridge,” Jay said flatly.

He appeared so pessimistic, as if life didn’t matter even if it went badly; it only made

him appear more tragic than dying.

“Zoe’s doing well right now. She learnt how to cook,” Cordy said. “She even invited

me and Quinn over to her place whenever we’re free to try her cooking.”

“Yeah,” Jay replied.

“Things are going well between her and Bob, too,” Cordy added.

“I won’t bother them,” Jay promised.

“I’m just saying that if she can let go, you can too.”

Jay looked up at Cordy as she finished, “Don’t drive yourself into desperation.

“Don’t you hate me?’ Jay exclaimed in surprise. “For keeping you here.”

“No,” Cordy replied determinedly. ’I only hate John.”

“He-” “He had no choice,” Cordy said, cutting him short. “I’ve heard that over a million


Jay smiled faintly, since he couldn’t say anything about that.

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