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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 398

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Chapter 398

Patrick kept smiling faintly, giving an impression of politeness and refined elegance.

“I feel like I’m really on the red carpet for the first time/ he whispered into Cordy’s ear

as he did. “And it’s all thanks to you. I’m sure John wants me dead now.”

“Eyes on the road,” Cordy snapped, though she was smiling too.

Patrick’s smile broadened, while journalists captured every moment of their

interaction, bombarding them with questions as they approached.

“Mr. Stuart! Why are you attending the charity ball with Miss Sachs? Is there a special

connection here?’

“Mr. Stuart! Rumor has it that your grandfather, Monty Stuart, was taken ill. Will he be

attending the ball?’

“Mr. Stuart! It was alleged that your family has a special surprise announcement in

store for us, aside from the charity drive. Would you care to tell us what it is?”

“Miss Sachs! What’s your relationship with Mr. Stuart? Are you attending this charity

ball as Mr. Stuart’s companion, or did the Stuarts extend a special invitation?”

“Miss Sachs! Did you design that dress yourself, or is it haute couture?”

“Miss Sachs! Starstream High Fashion had been leading sales numbers far beyond

other similar brands in the country. Have you considered making a push for the

international market? Could you give a summary of your upcoming marketing


The journalists’ questions were endless, and Patrick spoke first, ‘We are just attending

the ball together as partners. Please don’t misunderstand.”

One of the journalists asked, “So, are rumors of a joint venture between you and Miss

Sachs’s Starstream High Fashion true?’

“Half,” Patrick replied.

The journalists were confused. “Half?”

“We are partners, but there is no joint management. I’m just an investor, while Cordy

herself is in charge of everything from brand marketing to strategic planning.”

Patrick’s words were an undisguised acknowledgment of Cordy’s business acumen,

and in front of all those journalists at that.

“Do you trust Miss Sachs that much, Mr. Stuart?” One of the journalists asked.

“It’s more than that. I’m mostly worried I’d mess things up if I tried to help too much/

Patrick said jokingly, his words making it clear of his confidence in Cordy.

The journalists laguehd in amusement, and the mood was certainly good.

Still, they peppered him with more questions about the Stuarts, and so he answered,

“My grandfather is mostly fine. He just had a little cold a while ago, so he won’t be

coming since the doctors suggested he rest for a few days-there’s nothing to worry

about, since I’ll make donations in his stead. As for the surprise announcement, I

shouldn’t say more since it’s a surprise. Everyone will find out during the ball,


Once he was done, Cordy was being questioned in turn, and she patiently replied, “I

won’t elaborate on my partnership with Patrick since he’s already mentioned

everything that needs to be said. I did not design this gown, since the one I prepared

couldn’t be sent here because of a little incident in transit-Patrick prepared this for me,

and an educated guess would be Gigi haute couture.”

“You’re beautiful in it, Miss Sachs! Mr. Stuart has fine tastes,” some of the journalists


“Thank you,” Cordy replied, and added, “I’m actually attending this ball after receiving

an invitation from William Stuart, and I came with Patrick here since he didn’t have a

companion. As for my marketing plans for

Starstream High Fashion, I cannot speak much on it since that’s a trade secret.”

The journalists wanted to ask more questions, but Patrick quickly came to her rescue.

“Thank you, everyone. I’m afraid we’re on a schedule, so we’re entering the hall now.”

The journalists naturally had to give in as he left with Cordy. “Thank you! Miss Sachs,

Mr. Stuart!”

When Cordy turned, she inadvertently sprained her foot, but Patrick was quick enough

to catch her.

Behind them, John had just arrived on the red carpet with Jessica.

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