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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 400

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Chapter 400

While every journalist swarmed towards John and Jessica, Patrick asked Cordy softly,

“Are you alright? Can you walk?”

“I’m fine,” Cordy said, pivoting her ankles a little—it hurt a little, but it wouldn’t affect

her that much.

“Don’t push yourself,” Patrick told her.

“I’m not,” Cordy replied, determined.


Patrick shrugged, and said nothing else.

Cordy straightened herself in turn, and put her hand around Patrick’s arm again and

entered the hall.

Behind them, John and Jessica naturally saw them and the rather intimate exchange.

“I’m surprised my cousin’s already so close with Cordy,” Jessica said, seemingly


John didn’t react at all, as if he didn’t care.

Or perhaps he just didn’t want to show it in front of Jessica.

Jessica controlled herself in turn-she was going to announce the date of their wedding

tonight, anyway.

Over the past month, her grandfather William Stuart had been determined to push the

issue. John himself had stayed at Rocktown the entire time, to help with the Stuarts’


To anyone else, their wedding was as good as decided.

John did not resist either-not that he would have the ability to do so.

Naturally, he didn’t reject the announcement of their wedding day either, mostly

because Jessica gave John her assurance that even if it was just a wedding in name

only, she wouldn’t ask for more.

As things were getting a little heated between Jessica’s side of the family and

Patrick’s, she promised John that she would ask William for a secret divorce once

John succeeded in helping them win-and that she wouldn’t bother him again. 1

Jessica had no idea how much John believed that, but he didn’t protest and quietly

accepted everything.

As for her, it didn’t matter if he believed it or not. Her point was to make him marry her.

After all, they weren’t actually going to get a divorce, since they had their respective

positions and statuses to consider.

Inch by inch, Jessica was pushing John into the pit she dug, where she would

ultimately bury him.

Meanwhile, the journalists were peppering them with endless questions.

“Mr. Levine, rumor has it that you’ve been staying with Miss Stuart throughout your

stay in Rocktown. Could we consider that a sign that the wedding is soon?”

“It’s alleged that Mr. Levine is already helping Miss Stuart with management of Stuart

Holdings. Would you be giving up on Levine Ventures for her sake after you marry,

and place your focus on Stuart Holdings instead?”

“Miss Stuart, word has it that Richard Levine is your biological son. Is that true? We

understand that you were childhood friends with Mr. Levine- when did romance

blossom between you two?”

John didn’t respond at all, keeping mum the whole time.

On the other hand, Jessica was much friendlier and replied mildly, “It just so happens

that Stuart Holdings had a particularly troublesome issue to deal with during John’s

stay at Rocktown, and we needed his help. That said, we’ll be focusing on our

respective careers after our wedding. We’ve yet to consider whether we would be

staying in Rocktown or North City afterwards.”

“As for Dicky—who’s Richard Levine to you, he’d always been my son, and I raised

him abroad. He’s still young, and the most important thing right now is his growth and

studies. I must earnestly ask everyone not to bother a child or write anything about

him. Thank you very much.”

Jessica picked her words deliberately, making Dicky’s roots sound ambiguous so that

everyone else would misunderstand that the boy was her biological son.

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