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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 401

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Chapter 401

After John and Jessica left the crowd of reports and entered the hall, Jessica asked

him, “You’re not angry, are you? That I didn’t tell the journalists that Dicky wasn’t my


“I’m not,” John replied, and there was no emotion in his tone.

It was as if John did not care whatever she did, even if she did it right in front of him.

There were times when Jessica felt like a clown, entertaining no one but herself.

Her eyes flashed icily, and she told herself that he would be hers eventually-that was

the only way.

Thus, right now, she could bear with anything he threw her way.

Composing herself, she flashed a good-natured smile and explained, “I just didn’t

want people talking badly about Dicky, especially since his mother was never

revealed. I’m worried there’d be a psychological effect. I’ve already considered him my

own son, even when he was a baby.”

“I know,” John replied, but his voice made it clear he wasn’t interested in her words at


When they entered the hall, there weren’t many others- there were hardly that many

individuals who had the disposition to attend a charity ball organized by people of

such prestige as the Stuarts.

Those present were either top business persons or individuals of notable prestige and

political influence. In short, for the average Joe, they only get to meet such people on

television or other screens.

Even so, John and Jessica’s appearance did draw attention since they were the

protagonists for the night.

From the outset, William had insisted that this charity ball was held in the name of her

granddaughter, Jessica. It was the first time the event was held in honor of a

grandchild in the Stuart family, and one could see how highly William thought of

Jessica-not even James had the honor before!

Once Jessica arrived with John, the hall erupted with thunderous applause.

Everyone watched as John led Jessica into the ballroom, and began to mingle with

every guest present, weaving in and out of the crowd seamlessly.

John was in a tailcoat tuxedo and wore a bowtie for once, instead of the usual necktie.

His handsome facial features in turn appeared even more pronounced and chiseled,

and he was a sight anyone would be inevitably drawn to in the ballroom.

On the other hand, Jessica wore a striking red gown.

In contrast to the pink gown which accentuated her trait as an open, confident person,

the red magnified her noble passion-it was an absolute declaration that she was the

main star tonight.

As she stood beside John, who projected a handsome, lofty but stoic nature, Jessica’s

beauty, passion and affable nature complemented him perfectly.

“Jealous?” Patrick asked Cordy as he watched John and Jessica with guests nearby.

“Not really,” Cordy replied, staring at them as well. “I earnestly hope that they get their

happily ever after.”

“I’d rather that not happen at all,” Patrick chuckled.

He took a glass of water from a waiter walking past them and switched it with Cordy’s

glass of wine, leaving her frowning.

“Water’s better when you’re having your period,” Patrick told her.

“How did you know?” Cordy asked, staring closely at his face.

“You were carrying sanitary pads when you went to the washroom this afternoon,

while we’re flying.”

“…That’s very attentive of you,” Cordy scoffed.

“You flatter me.”

They continued their small talk until a familiar figure appeared before them.

Cordy looked up to see John standing before them, with Jessica beside him.

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