Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 403

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Chapter 403

Cordy frowned at Patrick, who was grinning nonchalantly.

Ultimately, she didn’t leave and stood at his side to watch the rich and important

people filing into the ballroom.

Naturally, she saw Noel-who certainly rode a coattail well to be able to attend such a

prestigious charity ball.

In that sense, the same applied to Cordy, though it was more because of her personal

grudge with the host than other reasons.

That would be more or less the asame in Noel’s case, since Jessica was really

bringing out her checkbook to buy Noel’s complete allegiance.

Suddenly, the lights in the ballroom dimmed while a spotlight illuminated the center of

the stage; everyone turned towards it.

The emcee walked up above stage and spoke with succinct intonation, “Good

evening, everyone. Welcome to Stuart Holdings’ annual charity ball! Thank you

everyone for making time to attend this honorable occasion despite your busy


The ballroom erupted with raucous clapping. Anyone who could host such a

prestigious event naturally stood amongst the best in showbiz, boasting popularity as

well influence.

“And now, let’s invite our host for the night-Miss Jesscia Stuart, for her opening

speech! Please give her a round of applause, everyone!”

Jessica strode up the stage in her red gown amidst the thunderous applause, walking

up to the emcee who passed the mic to her.

Jessica’s smile was tactful, and every move was as confident as it was elegant.

“This is my first time hosting this annual charity ball, and I do apologize beforehand if

our hospitality proved insufficient. I would also like to thank my grandfather here for

giving me the chance to learn and grow independent, and I’m grateful to have his


With that, she nodded and beamed at William below stage before turning towards her

parents and James. “I also would like to thank my immediate family for their support

and care. They’ve helped me gain the strength I need to make something for myself.”

“Last but not least, I must thank the most important person in my life. If not for him

staying by my side at all times, I would never have the courage to host this charity ball

independently. In fact, he was willing to leave work for an entire month just to keep my

company here in Rocktown.”

Jessica never said a name, but everyone present knew exactly whom she was

referring to too.

Patrick turned towards Cordy.

She appeared uninterested; noticing Patrick’s gaze, she asked flatly without turning to

him, “That’s the good part?”

“What, not good enough for you?” Patrick asked.

Cordy was completely apathetic while Patrick smiled a little gingerly, watching as

Jessica turned towards John and said, “Thank you, Johnny. Thank you for your care

and understanding.”

Jessica was clearly smitten, and everyone could see the love she bore for John in her


However, John was below stage, and the lights were too dim for anyone to see his


Jessica turned towards the crowd again. “As usual, all proceeds for this charity ball

will be invested into the nonprofit charity organizations under Stuart Holdings, with

referees personally officiating the procedures of your donations. Once again, thank

you everyone for coming.”

Jessica leaned forward slightly in a small bow, appearing elegant and affable as ever.

The entire ballroom erupted into yet another round of applause.

“And now, Stuart Holdings’ annual charity ball officially begins!”

Crackers and poppers resounded overhead at those words, raining endless confetti

down the hall.

A thrilling tune boomed from the speakers, spiking the excitement in the ballroom to

new heights.

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