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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 407

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Chapter 407

A deep, magnetic voice suddenly resounded in the ballroom, and everyone turned in

that direction to see that John had raised his auction paddle.

He even started the bid at five times the price for Noel!

Noel, who was just reveling in glee, was left dumbstruck as she stared at John in


He was already with Jessica, yet he was still bidding for Cordy, and in front of so

many people? Did he even consider Jessica’s feelings?!

In fact, Jessisca actually reacted to John’s bid, despite her immaculate ability in

keeping up appearances.

John had always been tactful, never once resisting Jessica’s family ever since the

announcement of their engagement.

Thus, she never expected him to humiliate her in front of so many others.

She turned towards John with a look of confusion, but he returned her gaze without a

hint of emotion, let alone any ounce of guilt.

As if everything he was doing was only natural.

“600 grand!”

Another man’s voice resounded in the ballroom.

Everyone turned in that direction, and found Patrick raising his auction paddle as well.

Patrick had actually been waiting for John’s bid, knowing the latter would never allow

Cordy leave in such humiliating fashion.

In fact, John finally did it just as Patrick himself thought he should make a bid.

“700,” John continued the bid, even though it started at just 100-the price in which Tim

Zimmer bid for Noel’s first dance.

Talk about rubbing it in.

Still, Patrick wasn’t backing down just yet. “800.”


“1 million.”

“1.2 million,”

John kept bidding…and Patrick kept raising.

“1.5 million,” he said.

“2-” John said, only to be cut off.

“Johnny,” Jessica suddenly called out to him, retaining her affable smile while

appearing formal as she tried to reason with him. “Cordy made it very clear that this

was just the appetizer. Participation is the most important part, not to mention that the

best is yet to come. I know you’d like to donate more since this is my first solo hosting

of my family’s annual charity ball, but there’s no need to rush things along.”

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