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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Jessica was extending an olive branch to John, but he didn’t accept it.

There was nary a flutter in his apathetic gaze, and his auction paddle was still in the


Jessica scowled-she had already prostrated herself this far! Was John really not going

to spare her any dignity at all?!

Even as she was crumbling inside, Cordy suddenly exclaimed loudly and clearly, “Two


John’s bid was left stuck in his throat, while everyone turned towards Cordy, not sure

why she would bid for herself. ’

Maybe she thought herself worth that much?! Wasn’t she giving herself too much


Nonetheless, Cordy continued loudly and clearly, “I’m bidding two million for my first


The crowd was left rowdy, stunned by her sudden charisma.

She ignored their stares, however, and asked Jessica, “It’s not against the rules to bid

for myself, right?”

Jessica came to her senses right then, since she was also stunned by Cordy’s sudden


She really never played to anyone’s tune, did she?

Jessica certainly didn’t have the faintest idea what Cordy was upto, either!

“I’ve always looked up to Stuarts Holdings for contributing so much to charity, and I’d

like to do whatever I can to put in a contribution, even if it might not be much. I hope

everyone would agree with my sentiment,” Cordy was making it very clear that she

was rejecting both John and Patrick’s bids.

“Of course,” Jessica said quickly.

Money wasn’t a concern; Jessica was simply worried that John would keep bidding,

which in turn would leave her further thoroughly humiliated.

Walking up and offering a handshake, Jessica said, “I have no reason to reject such

sincere charity, and your first dance tonight shall be your own. Thank you for

supporting Stuart Holdings’ charity efforts, Cordy.”

Cordy accepted Jessica’s handshake out of politeness, and strode away from the

stage with an elegant gait.

The ballroom erupted in thunderous applause; everyone was earnestly impressed by

Cordy’s feat, and they were left staring at her wherever she was.

Rumors often claimed that she was as beautiful as she was smart, but witnessing her

display of wit first hand only goes to show that the rumors gave her less credit than

she deserved.

That ability to adapt was almost educational-helping Jessica save face with that two

million dollar bid, while maintaining her reputation unscathed.

While the crowd had no idea why John was bidding for

Cordy, they could well be sure that there was a bone to pick between these people.

They just couldn’t tell if Cordy caused it, or if she was merely collateral caught in an

internal struggle amongst the Stuarts.

Cordy stepped down from the stage, coolly walking past John without an interaction at


The silence seemed to be everything they had now.

When she returned to Patirck’s side, he teased, “You’re constantly full of surprises,

Miss Sachs.”

Cordy ignored Patrick too, knowing that he was planning on bidding to provoke John

and Jessica and basically paint a bulls-eye on Cordy.

She turned and left the ballroom, leaving Patrick rubbing his nose.

What he did was petty, and he knew that he had definitely angered Cordy.

However, he already made it very clear when they first agreed on a partnership—his

goal was to separate John from Jessica, and destroy the latter!

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