Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 409

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Chapter 409

Cordy headed outside to the back garden for a breather.

She was in a bad mood, and was reluctant to stay in the ballroom.

Worst of all, her ankle hurts.

She didn’t feel that much pain when she sprained it on the red carpet before, but

standing for so long and walking on stage, and then getting off pushed her past her

limit of tolerance.

She sat on the bench in the back garden, taking off her high heels and hunching over

to rub her ankles…when a towering shadow suddenly appeared before her.

She blinked, but ultimately looked up to see John, looking down from above.

She couldn’t quite see his face against the lights to his rear, but his dark eyes were

plainly visible.

Cordy turned away, and kept rubbing her ankles.

As she did so, a pair of clean, long hands gently raised her foot.

“Let me go,” she said with a flat tone, clearly hostile.

John simply ignored her and started rubbing her ankles.

Cordy frowned as she withstood the pain, but couldn’t stop herself from snapping,

“John Levine!”

It already hurt so much-was he so intent on payback?

She didn’t even upset him tonight, aside from going against his wish and attending

this charity ball.

In her defense, she had no reason to obey him or allow him to force her to stay in her

own house.

She wasn’t a pet canary, and that thought only left her anger flaring.

“Bear with it,” John suddenly warned her, having found the right spot.

Before she could respond, John firmly twisted her ankle.

“Ah!” She yelped inadvertently-it hurt so much she almost kicked him in the face!

“What more do you want, John?!” she bellowed furiously, her patience for his antics

having reached its limit.

“Try standing up. See if you’re better,” John said, helping her put her shoes back on

and rising to his feet, as if he did not see her snapping at him.

Cordy only glared at him icily, so he repeated, “Try standing up. See if your ankle is

better now.”

Cordy gritted her teeth, but eventually rose from the bench.

She was still worried about the pain in her ankles, and was therefore very careful as

she stood up.

However, she was putting too much weight on one foot, and the shoes she wore had

a really high heel, so she wobbled.

John quickly caught her, and her body brushed against his chest.

It was the slightest of touches, but Cordy quickly tried to get away…only for John to

pull her firmly into his arms.

He held on to her hard, as if worried he would lose her.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

Whether it was John’s strength or her fluttering emotions, she suddenly couldn’t


She tried to free herself from him as much as she could, smacking him on the back

with both hands as she yelled furiously, “Let me go! Let me go!”

John, however, nestled his head against the bottom of her neck, with his arms

wrapped around her back.

For a split second, Cordy thought he would draw her into his own body.

Still, she continued to struggle, afraid that she would actually die in his arms. She

groaned defiantly, “Let go… I can’t breathe…”

John seemed to not hear her at all. His hold on her never eased, and was in fact

tightening further…

Cordy’s face was flushed soon enough as she lay on the verge of being smothered.

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