Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 411

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Chapter 411

Both men were glaring furiously at each other, neither backing down just then.

At the same time, John’s grip on Cordy’s hand was visibly tightening.

He would never hand her over to anyone else!

“Are you sure you’re protecting her?” he asked Patrick through his teeth just then,

sounding clearly sarcastic. “If you were, she wouldn’t be here.”

“It has nothing to do with him-l decided to come myself.” Cordy defended Patrick right


John closed his eyes. “Cordy…”

“We’re partners, and we just have to work together to achieve our own endssentiment be damned.
That’s why I’m here tonight, to do what benefits us the most, so

please let me go. I still have places to be,” Cordy continued and shook her hand to

free herself from John’s grip.

But John was not letting go, nor was he listening to anything she said. “I’m taking you

to the airport right now.”

Turning back towards Patrick, he bellowed, “Move!”

Patrick did not. He simply stood in John’s way without a word.

But he just might be convinced for a moment.

“I don’t need you!” Cordy shrieked at John at the same time. “I will leave when I want!”

John was unmoved and simply pushed Patrick out of a way.

Patrick in turn hesitated, but he ultimately did not stop them.

Incensed, Cordy arched her back and suddenly bit down on the back of John’s hand.

He frowned in pain, but still refused to release her even as she put her back into it,

venting all her anger.

She never let go even when she tasted blood, until…


A woman’s voice spoke from ahead.

It was mild and conveyed sadness.

Cordy stopped biting John then, blood seeping right out of his hand where she had

been biting, but he did not seem to feel it at all.

Cordy then straightened herself to find Jessica standing in front of them.

There was sadness in her eyes that seemed feigned, even as she smiled faintly, “I

didn’t expect to see you here… your grandfather was looking for you.”

John gulped but did not explain.

“If you’re busy, I’ll let him know on your behalf,” Jessica continued tearfully as she

chose to be magnanimous. “But

could you come back when you’re done? There are other things to do…”

That humble plea actually left even Cordy sympathizing with Jessica.

And yet, John remained cold-blooded, as if he did not feel her suffering, as he said

coolly, “I know.”

With those words, he continued to drag Cordy along.

But just as he was about to stride past Jessica, a stern voice resounded from the

entrance to the back garden.” Where do you think you’re going?!”

John clearly hesitated for a split second, but he continued to hold onto Cordy firmly as

he quickly recovered.

At the same time, Lawrence wheeled Alan into the back garden with several blackclad bodyguards in

He was glaring solemnly at John and the hand with which John was holding Cordy, his

expression obviously darkening in turn.aa

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