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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 410

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Chapter 410

“She might really die if you don’t let go, you know.’

Patrick’s voice could suddenly be heard.

He sounded neutral, with a hint of glee at Cordy’s misfortunate.

So he was just here to enjoy the show, was he?

Nonetheless, John released Cordy just as she thought she would black out.

She coughed repeatedly as soon as he let go, and started to inhale deeply.

She almost died!

“It’s cold outside. Come on,” Patrick said after watching Cordy compose herself,

offering her a hand and ready to take her back inside.

Just as he did, John quickly took her hand in his.

Patrick was left staring at John, but he didn’t appear the slightest bit upset.

Cordy, however, shook John off viciously.

John’s knuckles clenched, and he reached out to grab her again at the next instant.

That was just how much he hated her being with another man.

Heaven knew how furious he was to see Patrick sticking to Cordy the entire day, and

how much restraint it took him to not lose his mind.

When he hugged her just now, he had a feeling like never before that Cordy was

going to leave him, slipping further and further away… That was why he could not bear

to let go, and wanted nothing less than to pull herself into him.

Yet once again, Cordy avoided his touch.

He narrowed his eyes, staring fixedly at her with an almost tearful gaze.

“Watch yourself, Mr. Levine,” Cordy snapped icily.

Those words seemed to stab him in the heart like a sharp knife.

Even so, he clenched his knuckles until they turned white, while growling coolly, “Don’t

go with him.”

“What right do you have to demand that? Know your place, John-you’re Jessica

Stuart’s fiance tonight, while I’m just an invited guest to this charity ball and Patrick’s


Cordy’s words were simple and clear, and it only distanced herself further from him.

“Can’t you wait for me?” John begged.

“Waiting for you doesn’t mean I can’t hang out with another man in the meantime,”

Cordy replied while looking him straight in the eye. “Just like how you’re constantly

flaunting your affection with Jessica right now, even going so far as to announce your

wedding day.”

John watched icily as she started to put her hands around Patrick’s arm, whose lips

curled up in amusement; he was clearly enjoying the proximity with Cordy.

At the same time, Cordy was still lecturing John. “No one gets to be selfish. All

relationships go both ways.”

Without another word, she started to leave with Patrick.

But she barely raised her foot when John firmly pulled her back into his arms, catching

her by surprise as she fell squarely on his chest once more.

He held her fast even as she tried to leave again, just as she heard him breathing

coldly beside her ear, “I’m getting you out of here.”

In other words, he was telling her to leave the charity ball.

Cordy was glowering, and repeatedly tried to shake her hand off, only for him to

tighten his hold.

At that moment, John didn’t care that she wore high-heels, and strode forward swiftly

to take her away, while she almost stumbled and fell.

“Mr. Levine.” Suddenly, Patrick stepped swiftly in front of them.

“Move!” John’s eyes narrowed, his eyes flaring murderously.

That was when Patrick suddenly snapped.

“I don’t care what your relationship with Cordy is, be it in the past or in the future. But I

brought her here tonight, and I am

therefore obligated to keep her safe. No one gets to coerce her into anything, if she so


His unexpected outburst was certainly more than a little menacing.

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