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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 414

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Chapter 414

Cordy did not turn to look, since John was basically one of the hosts for tonight’s

charity ball—it would be unacceptable if he did not contribute.

“1.1 million.” Someone continued the bid.

“1.2 million.”

“1.3 million.”

“One and a half million,” John said, raising his auction paddle again.

Everyone could tell right then that John was going to get that ring, one way or another.

The crowd started to whisper among themselves, knowing then that they would never

beat John.

Since they were not winning anyway, they would make more enemies if they made

more bids.

Moreover, they were all shrewd people and had no reason to keep bidding at this


“One and a half million! Calling once, twice, three times! Sold!” The auctioneer

exclaimed excitedly. “Mr. Levine, please come on stage to accept delivery of your

charity auction item.”

John walked up and took it from the auctioneer, but just as he was about to turn and

leave, the auctioneer stopped him.

“A moment please, Mr. Levine. I heard that you had a surprise in store for Ms. Stuart?”

John glanced at Jessica below stage, who was staring at him expectantly.

In her corner, Cordy smiled. They were going to announce their wedding, weren’t


“Everyone, please give Ms. Stuart a round of applause as she comes on stage.” The

auctioneer quickly invited Jessica since John was not responding, knowing that John

would not play along easily even if he had never met John before.

Moreover, Jessica had already instructed him in private beforehand, and it was natural

he had to work according to the situation.

“I’ve been looking forward to this, Johnny.” Jessica was beaming as she walked up to

John’s side, denying him any chance of reneging.

There were so many people watching and this was her family’s turf-she was therefore

confident that John would play along.

Even so, John did not move for a long while, leaving the ballroom in an awkward


As everyone stared at them, pointing, gesturing and whispering, Jessica’s patience

was dwindling and her eyes turned teary.


It was a reminder that they were standing in front of many people, and that he must do

it even if it was only for appearance’s sake.

John came to his senses then and turned toward Jessica, taking out the ruby ring.

Everyone stared fixedly at them.

A proposal, right then and there?

“Jessica…” John said her name, quietly with his magnetic voice.

Jessica’s eyes welled with tears, as if overwhelmed with emotion.

“I…” John murmured, but he was suddenly silent again.

“I do!” Jessica exclaimed, and launched herself into his arms, tightly wrapping her

hands around his neck with unbound affection. “We’ve been together since we were

children, but it hasn’t been easy as everyone would think. We’ve gone through so

much, but thankfully stayed by each other’s side. You don’t have to say a thing-just as

you don’t owe me anything. Nothing matters as long as I’m with you.”

She always had a way out, didn’t she?

John could not propose for the longest time, but she easily made it happen. In fact,

she framed it as if he lacked the courage because he thought he owed her and

therefore was not brave enough to say it. That was why she told him on her own

volition that she did not care about their past and only desired their future.

The whole ballroom erupted into thunderous applause, and pink petals started to rain

down from overhead.

They certainly went all out with theatrics and romance.

After that loving embrace, John put the ruby ring on Jessica’s finger before

announcing their wedding day.

“I will marry Jessica on Valentine’s Day next year. Everyone present is welcomed to

our wedding reception.”

Cheers resound across the ballroom—it was certainly a harmonious scene.

“I guess you saw the proposal.”

Patrick was suddenly in front of Cordy, blocking her view of the stage.

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