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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 417

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Chapter 417

The car continued to bump around rapidly.

Inside, Cordy and Patrick were fully focused and unable to make small talk at all.

Cordy stared through the window at the pitch blackness outside, unsure where they

were heading.

They seemed to be heading somewhere isolated, and they could not even recognize if

they were on a mountain road or some route near a small town.

There was simply nothing on both ends of the road, but the chauffeur continued to

sped the car ahead, unable to stop at all.

Their pursuers were giving chase relentlessly and would slam into them if the

chauffeur slowed down, leaving everyone in the car in pieces.

As such, the interior of the car was deathly silent, almost suffocatingly so.

They could only hope that help would reach them in time.


Suddenly, Cordy’s face fell.

Patrick and the chauffeur had the same look too.

A semi suddenly sped out of nowhere in front of them, its glaring high beam flashing

at their eyes directly.

The chauffeur had to close his eyes as the exceedingly bright beam blinded him.

He turned the car right then, slamming it into the guard rail nearby.

The semi brushed past them, inches away from a collision.

However, they were not out of the woods just yet-the cars pursuing them were closing

in rapidly.

The chauffeur quickly started the car again, reversing it and trying to get away from

the guard rail, only for the car behind to slam into them with a loud bang!

Cordy’s hand was firmly on the grab handle.

She was almost suffocating from the constriction of the seatbelt, but the car behind

kept crashing into them.

The three other cars behind were taking their turns to run into them, already wrecking

the rear of the car.

If this continued, they would be mincemeat.

“Floor it!” Patrick yelled at the chauffeur resolutely right then.

The chauffeur was stunned and could not help exclaiming,” But it’s a slope that goes

straight down, sir! We don’t know how far it goes, and the fall might kill us-”

“We’d die anyway if they keep crashing into us!”

The chauffeur gritted his teeth-he had his orders!

Starting the car again, he floored the gas pedal, and Cordy watched as the needle on

the speedometer shot up!

And as their car broke through the guard rail and tumbled down the slope, Patrick

spoke into her ear gravely, “It’s in fate’s hands, whether we survive this now.”


Well, that certainly was the case!

Meanwhile, their car was tumbling down the sharp slope, and Cordy felt her body

shake so hard her body might fall apart.

Glass shards were everywhere, and the car kept falling as if it would never stop.

The three cars that were chasing them had stopped on the road, with the people

inside alighting to see the black Rolls- Royce sliding down the mountain slope.

They did not expect them to drive their car down the slope, and given the elevation,

their deaths were very much assured.

One of the men whipped out his phone to report the situation.

James was still at the lively ballroom where the charity gala continued, the smile on

his face obvious when he received the call.

He gently arched his back to inform William.

The elderly man had been maintaining a kindly smile throughout the charity ball, and

his smile broadened ever so slightly at the news.

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